Can a 13-year-old ride an Uber alone?

Can a 13-year-old ride an Uber alone?
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Riding an Uber alone is often a hot topic, especially for teenagers. Can 13-year-olds ride in an Uber by themselves? As a parent or a guardian, it’s only natural to ask this question.

This article delves into the rules and safety aspects of underage teens using Uber. We’ll be looking at the following:

  • Uber’s policy regarding underage riders?
  • What are the potential risks involved?
  • How can parents or guardians ensure a safe ride?

In short, this article will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your child’s Uber use. You’ll know the do’s and don’ts, ensuring a safe, stress-free experience.

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Key Takeaway

  • Uber’s ‘teen account’ allows 13- to 17-year-olds to travel independently, with the rides monitored by parents or guardians linked to the account.
  • The service launched in several urban areas and gradually expanded, incorporating user feedback for improvements.
  • Setting up a ‘teen account’ is straightforward, requiring adult consent and providing the teen’s information.
  • Uber has implemented safety measures for teen riders, including a live tracking system, a PIN verification system, and optional audio recording.
  • Uber enforces companion rules and age restrictions to ensure the safety and comfort of all riders, emphasizing the need for parent-teen conversations about appropriate Uber use.

Uber’s Underage Riders Policy

The concept of a “teen account” was recently introduced by Uber. It’s an innovative approach aiming to enhance the accessibility of transportation for teenagers, specifically those aged 13 to 17.

This feature isn’t self-sufficient, though. It requires the intervention of a parent or guardian. As the name suggests, the ‘teen account’ is directly linked to an adult Uber account. So, the responsibility of activating and managing this account rests with the adult.

Why this setup? 

There are two reasons. On the one hand, it empowers teens to travel independently. They no longer rely on an adult for their rides. On the other hand, it ensures that parents or guardians can oversee their teen’s travel.

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With this, Uber is attempting to balance granting teenagers autonomy and maintaining safeguards.

As mentioned earlier, this feature is exclusively for teenagers aged 13 to 17. For those younger, an adult’s accompaniment is mandatory. Those older can set up their own individual Uber accounts.

Parental or guardian permission isn’t just a formality. It’s a necessary step in the setup process.

The adult linked to the account must explicitly agree to Uber’s terms and conditions for teen riders. Without this consent, the ‘teen account’ won’t be activated.

The Launch of Teen Accounts

This shift towards accommodating younger riders was first observed on May 22, 2023. Initially, it was launched in more than a dozen urban areas across the United States and Canada. But the service didn’t just stop there.

The reason behind selecting these specific areas, to begin with, was strategic. Uber wanted to start with urban regions with high demand for safe and reliable teenage transportation.

This decision allowed them to calculate the response and adjust their approach as necessary.

Once the ‘teen account’ feature was live, parents, guardians, and teens’ feedback was key. This feedback loop helped shape the further roll-out of the service.

After all, keeping an open communication channel with users is essential for improving and refining any service.

Uber has an ambitious plan for expanding this service. They aim to extend the ‘teen account’ feature to additional cities and towns in the coming weeks and months. If your area doesn’t currently have this service, it’s likely it will arrive soon.

How to Set Up a Teen Account on Uber

Setting up a ‘teen account’ on Uber might initially seem confusing, but it’s straightforward. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to getting you started:

Download the App 

First, ensure you have the Uber app installed on your phone. You can find it in your phone’s app store if you don’t.

Open the Uber App 

Once you have the app, tap on it to open it.

Access the Main Menu 

On the top left of the app screen, you’ll see three horizontal lines. Tap on that to open the main menu.

Go to ‘Settings’ 

In the main menu, scroll down until you see ‘Settings.’ Tap on it.

Choose ‘Add a Family Profile 

Under settings, an option says ‘Add a Family Profile.’ Tap on it.

Add Your Teen’s Information 

You’ll be prompted to add your teen’s name and mobile number.

Send Invite 

After filling in the details, tap ‘Send Invite.’ Your teen will then receive a text message with instructions on how to join the family profile.

Remember, parental or guardian permission is not just an extra step. It’s mandatory. The adult setting up the account has to agree to the terms and conditions for teen riders.

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It’s Uber’s way of ensuring that the adult understands the responsibilities of setting up a ‘teen account.’

Without the explicit agreement of the parent or guardian, the ‘teen account’ will not be activated. So, thoroughly read through the terms and conditions before giving your consent.

Safety Measures and Features for Teen Riders

Regarding safety, Uber leaves no stone unturned, especially for teen riders. There are a few capable features designed to give you peace of mind. Let’s look at these:

Monitoring Features for Parents/Guardians 

Uber makes it easy for you to monitor your teen’s rides. Once the ride starts, you’ll get a notification. You can then track the trip live on your app.

Not just that, you’ll also see the driver’s details like name, photo, and vehicle information. This way, you’ll always be in the loop about your teen’s whereabouts.

PIN Verification System 

Uber PIN verification system allows the driver to get a unique four-digit PIN for each ride. Before starting the ride, your teen must provide this PIN to the driver. This double-check ensures that your teen gets in the right car every time.

Audio Recording Options 

Uber also allows riders to record audio during their trip. The recording is encrypted and stored on your teen’s phone. It can be shared with Uber’s support team if there’s a need. It’s a helpful feature if any issues crop up during the ride.

Safety is a big deal, and rightly so. Uber understands this. They’ve developed these features to ensure teen rides are as secure as possible.

The ‘teen account’ is about more than just convenience. It’s about giving you and your teen a sense of security and control.

Riding with Companions

Uber’s ‘teen account’ comes with companion rules. The aim is to ensure your teen and their companions are safe and secure. If your teen orders an UberX, the most common type, they can bring up to three companions.

Why just three? It’s because an UberX can comfortably seat four passengers.

For larger groups, your teen can book an UberXL. It seats up to six passengers. So, your teen plus five friends can enjoy a ride together.

It’s important to keep these numbers in mind. Too many passengers can lead to a cramped ride, which isn’t safe or comfortable. And it’s not fair to the driver. Respect these rules, and everyone will have a good ride.

Age Restrictions

In an Uber booked via a ‘teen account,’ all riders must be at least 13 years old. No exceptions.

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Why is this so? It’s about responsibility. Remember, Uber drivers are not babysitters. They are there to provide a ride, not childcare. By setting a lower age limit, Uber ensures the driver doesn’t have to care for a younger child.

It makes the ride safer and smoother for everyone.

What if a younger sibling or friend wants to come along? They can, but only with an adult. If any riders are under 13, an adult must accompany them. It’s Uber’s way of keeping the young ones safe.

How many friends can your teen take along in an Uber? It depends on the type of car your teen books.

Let’s not forget, though. While Uber’s ‘teen account’ provides good security and control, nothing beats a good old chat with your teen.

Talk about their Uber use. Share safety tips. Ensure they know what’s acceptable and what’s not when using Uber. It will go a long way in ensuring they have safe and enjoyable rides.


Uber’s new ‘teen account’ offers a great way for your young ones to get around while providing you peace of mind. As parents and guardians, you can keep tabs on their travels and ensure their safety. Plus, it helps teens be more independent. 

Remember, though, that it’s all about balance. The tools are there, but you must talk to your teens. Give them safety tips, discuss the do’s and don’ts, and set boundaries. 

Ultimately, it’s about keeping them safe and sound on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit for teens to use Uber independently?

Uber allows teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 to use the service independently via the ‘teen account,’ which is managed and monitored by a parent or guardian.

Are there any safety measures in place for teen riders?

Yes, Uber has implemented several safety measures for teen riders. These include a live ride tracking system for parents or guardians, a PIN verification system to ensure the right match between the driver and the rider, and an option to record audio during the trip.

Can my teen travel with friends using the ‘teen account’?

Yes, depending on the type of Uber service booked. An UberX allows up to three companions, while an UberXL can accommodate up to five. However, all companions must be at least 13 years old.

Can I monitor my teen’s Uber ride?

Absolutely. You’ll get a notification once your teen’s ride starts, and you can track the trip live via the app. You’ll also be able to view the driver’s details, like name, photo, and vehicle information.

What happens if my area doesn’t yet have the ‘teen account’ feature?

Uber initially launched the ‘teen account’ feature in selected areas and plans to expand it to more cities and towns. If the service isn’t currently available in your area, keep an eye out, as it will likely be introduced.

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