Why Is Uber Taking So Long To Approve Me?

Why Is Uber Taking So Long To Approve Me?
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Have you ever tried to become an Uber driver, but the approval process took a long time? You’re not alone; we’re here to help you figure out why.

This article thoroughly examines the possible reasons for such delays.

From problems with background checks to an influx of applications to the need for more information and more, we’ll look into each possibility in detail.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Uber driver application process can take time due to stages such as application review and background checks.
  • Delays in background checks, which can occur due to high volumes or issues with the checking vendor, significantly impact the application approval time.
  • Document review, assessing the clarity and legibility of submitted documents, plays a crucial role in the application process, influencing the approval timeline.
  • A high volume of applications can extend the approval timeline as Uber must thoroughly review each application.
  • If approval takes longer than expected, applicants are advised to contact Uber support for assistance and updates on their application status.

How to Apply for Uber

To become an Uber driver, you fill out an online form. You add personal details and important papers like your driver’s license, proof of living proof, and insurance. Uber checks these papers.

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They usually do it fast, but it might take up to five days. Lots of things can affect how long it takes.

Background Checks

Uber does background checks to make sure passengers are safe. They look at your driving and criminal records. They don’t do this themselves but use another company.

This can sometimes slow down the application. It might take longer if there are many applications or a problem with the company doing the checks.

Document Review

If your papers are blurry or hard to read, it can slow down your application. Uber usually looks at your documents within one to five days.

But if many people are applying, it could take longer. Ensure your documents are easy to read to help speed up the process.

Why Approval Takes a Long Time

Experiencing delays in Uber’s approval process can indeed be frustrating. It might seem like it’s taking an eternity, but there are a few reasons why Uber might be taking longer than expected to approve your application.

Inaccurate or Incomplete Information

Accuracy and completeness are paramount When submitting your documents to Uber.

That means double-checking all entered details, like your name and contact information, and ensuring all the documents are legible and not missing any corners or crucial information. 

Mistakes or omissions can lead to your application being paused until the issues are fixed. Taking extra time to get everything right the first time can save you a lot of time in the long run.

High Volume of Applications

During certain times, like the holiday season or when a new incentive is being offered, Uber might see a spike in driver applications.

This sudden surge can overload their review system, causing a backlog. While Uber aims to process all applications as swiftly as possible, it might take longer during these high-volume periods.

Background Check Delays

Uber’s commitment to passenger safety means they conduct background checks on all potential drivers.

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These checks delve into your driving history and criminal record, if any. These checks can sometimes take longer depending on various factors, like the number of places you’ve lived or how common your name is.

Also, some countries or states may have their own rules that cause further delays. It’s not uncommon for background checks to take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Technical Issues

While less common, technical problems can sometimes lead to delays. This could be anything from a glitch in Uber’s systems to issues with the email account you used to sign up.

If the delay has been significant, it’s a good idea to reach out to Uber support to check if there might be a technical issue holding up your application.

How to Address Delays in Approval

Understanding why things might be taking longer and knowing what steps to take can get you moving faster.

Provide Accurate, Complete Information

First things first, let’s talk about your application. It’s like your passport to the Uber world, and any mistakes or omissions are like leaving your passport at home when you’re at the airport, ready for a holiday. Not fun, right?

Ensuring you’ve filled in every required field and double-checked for accuracy. This includes your details, driver’s license, vehicle documentation, and insurance.

And remember, the documents you submit need to be clear and legible. 

So, if you’re uploading pictures of them, ensure they’re top-notch. These simple steps can save you much time and get you on the fast track to becoming an Uber driver.

Patience during High-Volume Periods

Uber experiences high volume periods, such as during holiday seasons or when a new driver incentive is offered.

During these high-volume periods, the review process can slow down. You need to be patient while it gets to your turn.

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Steps to Take if a Technical Issue is Suspected

Lastly, in the rare event of a technical issue, don’t panic. We live in a world where tech glitches, even in Uber’s well-oiled machine, can occur.

If you suspect a technical issue is holding up your application, your best move is to contact Uber support. They can update you on your application status and help address any potential problems.


In conclusion, the Uber driver application process might seem long and complex. But remember, it’s designed for the safety of both drivers and riders.

The process involves various steps, such as document review, background checks, and sometimes dealing with a high volume of applications. 

Delays can happen, but staying patient, proactive, and communicating clearly can help you navigate the process. Once approved, you’ll join the Uber community, embarking on a new journey to provide safe and efficient transportation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Uber application taking longer than usual?

Your application might take longer due to several factors. This can include a high volume of applications, background check delays, or the time it takes to review your submitted documents.

How long does a background check take for Uber?

The background check process can vary, but typically it takes a few days. However, in some cases, it can take several weeks, especially if there are issues with the vendor completing the check or if there’s a high volume of applications.

What can I do if my Uber application is taking too long?

If your application takes longer than expected, you can contact Uber support for assistance. They can provide updates and help troubleshoot any issues.

Why is document review important in the Uber application process?

Document review ensures all your submitted documents are clear, legible, and meet Uber’s requirements. Unclear documents can lead to delays in the application process.

Does a high volume of applications affect my Uber application process?

Yes, a high volume of applications can slow down the approval process. Uber needs to review each application thoroughly, and it might take longer if there are many applications.

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