Explained: Does Uber Pay More For Luxury Cars? 

Explained: Does Uber Pay More For Luxury Cars? 
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Driving a luxury car for Uber isn’t just about style; it’s also a pathway to higher earnings.

In this piece, we dissect the essentials of Uber Lux and UberX, highlighting how operating a luxury vehicle can bolster your profits.

We’ll explore:

  • The unique attributes of Uber Lux and UberX
  • The potential increase in earnings with luxury vehicles
  • The rationale behind the popularity of luxury cars among Uber drivers

By reading this article, you’ll gain valuable insights that can guide your decisions in your Uber driving career. This information is the key to enhancing your earnings.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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Key Takeaway

  • Driving a luxury vehicle like those used in Uber Lux can lead to higher earnings per ride due to premium pricing.
  • Uber Lux requires high-end luxury cars under five years old and in exceptional condition, while UberX allows for any well-maintained 4-door car under ten years old.
  • While Uber Lux may earn more per ride, the high cost of luxury vehicle upkeep can offset earnings, whereas the lower maintenance costs of standard cars in UberX allow drivers to retain more of their earnings.
  • Luxury vehicles used in Uber Lux can enhance a rider’s experience, potentially leading to higher driver ratings and more ride requests.
  • The decision between driving for Uber Lux and UberX should consider factors like vehicle costs, potential earnings, and consistent demand, aiming to provide riders with a professional and comfortable service.

Understanding Uber Lux And Uberx

First off, we have Uber Lux. It’s the creme de la creme of Uber’s services, allowing riders to travel in style. Uber Lux is about extravagance.

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It offers rides in high-end luxury cars like the Mercedes Benz S-Class or a BMW 7 Series. 

The drivers of these cars are top-rated, with stellar customer reviews. The service is premium, designed for those looking for a superior ride experience beyond just getting from point A to B.

Uber Lux is only available in select cities and markets.

On the other hand, we have UberX. This service is Uber’s most popular and budget-friendly option. UberX provides rides in standard sedans like the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

These rides are comfortable, reliable, and sufficient for everyday use. The drivers are rated decently and provide good service. It’s the go-to choice for daily commutes and errands, offering good value for money.

Let’s look at how these two services compare:

AttributeUber LuxUberX
Vehicle TypeLuxury cars like the Mercedes Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, etc.Standard sedans like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, etc.
Driver RatingTop-rated drivers with stellar customer reviewsDrivers with good ratings provide reliable service
PriceHigher, catering to customers seeking luxuryAffordable, designed for daily use
AvailabilityAvailable in select citiesWidely available in most cities

Requirements For A Car To Qualify For Uber Lux

Venturing into the realm of Uber’s high-tier service, Uber Lux, requires more than just a penchant for luxury. It calls for a specific set of car requirements that differentiates it from other Uber services.

Uber Lux Car Requirements

To qualify for Uber Lux, your vehicle must be a higher-end sedan or SUV, typically under five years old. Brands that often qualify include, but are not limited to, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Tesla.

The car must be in exceptional condition, both inside and out. It must be a black, seat at least four passengers excluding the driver, and offer ample legroom and premium interiors.

Full-functioning features such as air conditioning and power windows are a given.

UberX Car Requirements

On the other end of the spectrum, UberX has a more lenient set of requirements. The car model should not be older than ten years.

Any four-door car, sedan, or minivan that seats four passengers, excluding the driver, can qualify.

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The car should be in good condition with working features such as air conditioning and power windows.

While colour doesn’t play a role here, it should be well maintained and clean, providing a comfortable ride for passengers.

Uber Lux vs UberX Car Requirements

To bring the differences to light, let’s compare the requirements for Uber Lux and UberX:

Car RequirementsUber LuxUberX
Car AgeNot older than five yearsNot older than ten years
TypeLuxury Sedan or SUVAny 4-door car, sedan, or minivan
ConditionExceptional, both inside and outGood working condition
SeatingAt least four passengers, excluding the driver,At least four passengers, excluding the driver,
FeaturesHigh-end, full-functioning featuresBasic functioning features
ColourBlackAny colour

Earnings Comparison: Uber Lux Versus Uberx

Driving for Uber Lux puts you in a higher pay bracket. As a Lux driver, you charge more for your services, leading to more earnings per ride. 

These earnings, however, depend on several factors, such as the time of day, the distance of the trip, and the demand for luxury rides in your area.

Remember, though, that these higher earnings also need to offset the higher costs of owning and maintaining a luxury vehicle.

UberX is the most popular and frequently used service. With UberX, you might find yourself busy with back-to-back rides. It’s about quantity over quality. 

Although you charge less per ride compared to Uber Lux, the consistent flow of customers can lead to steady earnings.

Maintaining standard car costs are typically lower, allowing you to pocket more of your earnings.

Let’s bring this into perspective with a comparison:

Earnings FactorsUber LuxUberX
Earnings Per RideHigher, due to premium pricingLower, due to budget-friendly pricing
Ride DemandVariable depends on the demand for luxury serviceHigher, popular for daily use
ExpensesHigher, due to luxury vehicle upkeepLower, standard vehicle upkeep
Earnings StabilityMore stable due to consistent demandMore stable, due to consistent demand

The Role Of Luxury Vehicles In Uber Ratings

One crucial aspect that influences an Uber driver’s success is their rating. This rating reflects not only the driver’s professionalism but also the comfort and quality of the ride.

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In this context, the type of vehicle a driver uses can significantly influence their rating.

For Uber passengers, the ride experience can vary depending on whether they’re in an UberX or an Uber Lux. A ride in a standard sedan such as a Honda Accord will be considerably different from a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Luxury vehicles, with their high-end features, comfortable interiors, and advanced technology, can significantly enhance a passenger’s ride experience. This superior ride experience can often lead to higher ratings for the driver. 

If a rider is picked up in a clean, high-end vehicle with a polite driver. The comfortable seating, smooth ride, and quiet interior all contribute to a positive ride experience, which can likely result in a higher rating for the driver.

Higher ratings on the Uber platform can lead to greater visibility for drivers and increase their chances of receiving ride requests.

They may also open up eligibility for premium ride services, potentially leading to increased earnings.

Therefore, driving a luxury vehicle and offering excellent service can lead to higher ratings. These higher ratings can result in more rides and potentially higher earnings.


In Uber driving, luxury cars can indeed open doors to higher earnings. Yet, it’s crucial to balance these potential gains against the higher expenses of luxury car ownership.

If you’re contemplating moving to Uber Lux, consider the luxury vehicle’s benefits. These cars often lead to a superior rider experience, which can boost your ratings.

Higher ratings might improve your visibility on the Uber platform, increasing your chances of getting more ride requests.

Yet, remember that UberX, while earning less per ride, enjoys consistent demand. The steady flow of riders and lower upkeep costs can result in a stable income.

In the end, whether you choose Uber Lux or UberX, success depends on providing a comfortable and professional service to your riders.

After all, every Uber journey is not just a ride—it’s an experience. Make it count.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cars qualify for Uber Lux?

Cars that qualify for Uber Lux are typically high-end luxury sedans or SUVs under five years old from brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Tesla. 

They must be in exceptional condition, be black, seat at least four passengers excluding the driver, and offer high-end features with ample legroom and premium interiors.

Can I earn more money driving for Uber Lux than UberX?

Yes, Uber Lux drivers typically earn more per ride due to the premium pricing of the service. However, it’s crucial to consider luxury vehicles’ higher maintenance and ownership costs, which can offset these earnings.

Is the demand for Uber Lux rides as high as UberX?

Not typically. Uber Lux, being a premium service, has a lower demand than UberX, which is more popular for daily use due to its affordability.

Can driving a luxury vehicle impact my ratings as an Uber driver?

Yes, driving a luxury vehicle, like those required for Uber Lux, can potentially lead to higher ratings. These cars offer a superior ride experience, enhancing rider satisfaction and subsequently leading to higher ratings.

How does driving for Uber Lux compare to UberX regarding vehicle requirements?

Uber Lux has stricter vehicle requirements compared to UberX. For Uber Lux, your vehicle must be a luxury sedan or SUV under five years old and in exceptional condition. In contrast, UberX requires any well-maintained 4-door car, sedan, or minivan under ten years old to be in good working condition.

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