How to Reopen Turo Account? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Reopen Turo Account? Step-by-Step Guide
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Are you looking to reopen your Turo account but don’t know where to start?

Getting your account back up and running can be a hassle if it is deactivated, restricted, or closed. But don’t worry!

This article will provide practical advice and tips on reopening your Turo account.

With this information, you can get back on the road quickly.

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Key Takeaways

  • Turo accounts can be deactivated due to violations of Turo policies, non-payment of fees or penalties, or other reasons.
  • To reactivate a Turo account, users can contact Turo customer support through phone, email, or chat and provide their account username, the reason for deactivation, and steps taken to resolve the issue.
  • Users can change their email address and other account information by logging into their Turo account and navigating to the Account tab.
  • Common mistakes to avoid when using Turo include violating Turo policies, failing to communicate with renters or hosts, and not properly maintaining or cleaning the rented vehicle.
  • To prevent account deactivation, users should comply with Turo policies, communicate effectively with renters or hosts, and properly maintain and clean their rented vehicles.

Reasons for Turo account deactivation

Violation of Turo policies

One of the most common reasons a Turo account may be deactivated or restricted is a violation of Turo’s policies.

These policies are in place to ensure all users’ safety and the platform’s proper functioning.

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Some examples of policy violations that may result in account deactivation or restriction include the following:

  • Renting out a vehicle that does not meet Turo’s eligibility requirements
  • Misrepresenting the condition or availability of a vehicle
  • Allowing an unauthorized driver to use the vehicle
  • Failing to adhere to Turo’s community guidelines, such as harassment or discrimination

Non-payment of fees or penalties

Another reason why a Turo account may be deactivated or restricted is due to non-payment of fees or penalties.

This may occur if a user fails to pay their Turo fees on time or if they have outstanding penalties for past violations.

In such cases, Turo may restrict the user’s account until the fees or penalties are paid in full.

It’s important to note that Turo takes account deactivations and restrictions seriously and will only do so after careful consideration and investigation.

If you believe your account was deactivated or restricted in error, you can contact Turo customer support to resolve the issue.

How to contact Turo customer support for account reactivation

If your Turo account has been deactivated or restricted, the first step to getting it reopened is to contact Turo customer support.

Here are the methods of contact that you can use:

a. Phone: You can call Turo customer support at their toll-free number, which is available 24/7.

b. Email: You can email Turo customer support at their designated email address.

Be sure to include your account username and the reason for your deactivation.

c. Chat: You can also use the Turo chat feature to connect with a customer support representative.

This option is available on the Turo website and mobile app.

When you contact Turo customer support, make sure to provide the following information:

i. Account username: Provide your Turo account username so the customer support representative can access your account information.

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ii. Reason for deactivation: Explain why your account was deactivated or restricted.

This will help the customer support representative understand your situation better.

iii. Steps taken to resolve the issue: If you have taken any steps to resolve the issue that led to your account deactivation, make sure to mention them.

This will show that you are willing to cooperate and take responsibility for any mistakes that may have been made.

How to change account information on the Turo website

A. Steps to change your email address

  • Log in to your Turo account
  • Click on your profile picture located on the top right corner of the page
  • Select “Account”
  • Under the “Email address” field, click “Change.”
  • Enter your new email address and click “Save.”

B. Other account information that can be changed

In addition to changing your email address, you can update other information on your Turo account. Here are some examples:

  • Profile picture
  • Password
  • Payment methods
  • Notification settings

To update any of these, follow these simple steps:

a. Log in to your Turo account

b. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the page

c. Select “Account”

d. Click on the section you want to change

e. Update the information and click “Save.”

It is vital to keep your account information up-to-date, as this ensures that you have a smooth and hassle-free experience on the Turo platform.

Additional tips and advice

Common mistakes to avoid

To avoid account deactivation, make sure to follow all Turo policies and guidelines.

These include policies related to vehicle eligibility, safety standards, and rental agreements.

Additionally, always respond promptly to reservation requests and communicate clearly with renters.

Common mistakes that can lead to account deactivation include the following:

  • Renting out ineligible vehicles or vehicles that do not meet Turo safety standards
  • Failing to disclose vehicle damage or mechanical issues
  • Canceling reservations without a valid reason
  • Failing to respond to reservation requests on time
  • Providing poor customer service or misleading information
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How to prevent account deactivation

To prevent account deactivation, be proactive in maintaining high customer service and adherence to Turo policies. This includes:

  • Regularly reviewing and updating vehicle listings to ensure they meet Turo eligibility and safety standards
  • Responding promptly and professionally to reservation requests and renter inquiries
  • Communicating clearly and honestly with renters about vehicle conditions and rental terms
  • Resolving any issues or complaints from renters in a timely and satisfactory manner

How long it takes to reactivate a Turo account

The time it takes to reactivate a Turo account can vary depending on the reason for deactivation and the steps taken to resolve the issue.

In some cases, reactivation can occur within a few hours or days; in others, it may take several weeks or longer.

To expedite the reactivation process, provide Turo customer support with all necessary information and promptly address any outstanding fees or penalties.


Turo provides a convenient and reliable car rental service for customers worldwide. However, adhering to their policies and maintaining good standing with the company is crucial to avoid account deactivation.

If deactivation does occur, contacting customer support promptly and providing the necessary information can help reactivate the account.

Following the tips and advice above, you can reopen your Turo account without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reactivate my Turo account?

Contact Turo customer support via phone, email, or chat and provide them with your account username and reason for deactivation.

What can I do to prevent Turo account deactivation?

Follow Turo’s policies and guidelines, communicate clearly with renters, and pay all fees and penalties on time.

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