Possible or Not: Get Only Female Uber Drivers?

Possible or Not: Get Only Female Uber Drivers?
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Is it possible to get only female Uber drivers?


In today’s blog article, we’ll delve into

  • How to get only female Uber drivers
  • Provide you with practical advice and tips that can be implemented immediately.
  • And how to ensure personal safety and comfort during rides

We understand the importance of addressing this specific need while adhering to legal regulations and promoting equality in the industry. Because having the option to request a female driver can offer an extra level of peace of mind

Join us as we navigate the options available, explain technical terms, and provide step-by-step guidance, all in a lively and motivational tone.

Let’s empower you with the knowledge to make informed choices for a safer and more comfortable ride experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber does not provide a direct option to request female drivers through their app, but alternative methods exist.
  • The Women Rider Preference feature allows women and non-binary registered driver-partners to express a preference for receiving trip requests from women riders.
  • Third-party apps like UZURV provide the option to request specific drivers, including female drivers, but they are not officially affiliated with Uber, and availability may vary.
  • It’s important to note that gender discrimination is not legal, and it is crucial to promote equality and respect for all drivers.
  • When selecting a driver, prioritize factors such as driver competence, professionalism, and safety rather than solely focusing on the driver’s gender.

Understanding the Women Rider Preference Feature

In the Uber app, the Women Rider Preference feature empowers women and non-binary registered driver-partners to express their preference for receiving trip requests from women riders.

This feature provides peace of mind during optimal earning hours, especially in the evenings.

Expressing a preference through the Women Rider Preference feature is simple.

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Women and non-binary driver-partners can enable this feature in their Uber app settings. By opting in, they can indicate their desire to receive trip requests exclusively from women riders.

Using the Women Rider Preference feature offers several benefits.

First and foremost, it allows women and non-binary drivers to have greater control over their ride-sharing experience.

By choosing to receive trip requests from women riders, they can feel more comfortable and secure while driving.

Furthermore, the Women Rider Preference feature fosters community and support among women and non-binary driver-partners and riders.

It creates an environment where women riders can connect with drivers who share similar experiences and perspectives.

Using UZURV to Request a Female Uber Driver

If you want more control over your Uber experience and specifically want a female Uber driver, UZURV is a third-party app that can help fulfill that preference.

UZURV allows you to request a specific driver, including a female driver, giving you peace of mind during your ride.

Instructions for Requesting a Female Driver through UZURV

1. Download and Install UZURV: Download and install the UZURV app on your smartphone. It is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Sign Up and Set Preferences: After installing the app, create an account and complete the registration process. Once you’re signed in, navigate to the preferences section and indicate your preference for a female driver.

3. Request a Ride: When you’re ready to request a ride, open the UZURV app and input your destination. UZURV will display a list of available drivers, including female drivers who match your preference.

4. Choose a Female Driver: Review the list of available drivers and select a female driver for your ride. You’ll have the option to see driver ratings, reviews, and any additional information UZURV provides.

5. Confirm and Wait: Once you’ve chosen a female driver, confirm your selection, and UZURV will send your ride request to the driver. You can track the driver’s progress and estimated arrival time within the app.

Limitations and Availability of UZURV

It’s important to note that UZURV is a third-party app not affiliated with Uber.

As such, its availability may vary depending on your location. Before relying on UZURV to request a female Uber driver, ensure the app is available and operating in your area.

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Remember, while UZURV can provide a means to request a female driver, it’s essential to consider factors beyond gender when selecting a driver, such as their ratings, reviews, and overall professionalism.

Canceling and Reordering Rides for a Female Uber Driver

When getting only female Uber drivers, some passengers resort to canceling and reordering rides until a female driver is assigned.

While Uber does not officially support this method, it is important to understand how it works and its potential drawbacks.

1. Request a ride: Begin by requesting a ride through the Uber app as you normally would.

2. Check the driver’s details: Once a driver is assigned, you can see their name, photo, and rating. If the assigned driver doesn’t meet your preference for a female driver, proceed to the next step.

3. Cancel the ride: Cancel the ride within the app and select a reason for cancellation. This will open up the opportunity to request another driver.

4. Repeat the process: Reorder a ride and repeat the driver assignment process. Remember that each cancellation and reorder will result in a different driver being assigned.

Potential drawbacks:

  • Longer wait times: Cancelling and reordering ride multiple times can extend your overall waiting time. It may take several attempts before a female driver becomes available.
  • Cancellation fees: Uber has a cancellation policy in place, and repeated cancellations may result in fees being charged to your account. Be aware of the potential financial implications.

Addressing Gender Discrimination Concerns

Gender discrimination is illegal and goes against the principles of equality and fairness.

It is essential to understand that encouraging or practicing gender-based preferences in choosing Uber drivers is not supported or condoned.

While it is natural to have personal preferences, it is crucial to consider the potential negative impact on female drivers’ opportunities.

Allowing passengers to select only female drivers creates a discriminatory environment that may hinder female drivers’ chances of receiving trip requests and earning a livelihood.

Instead of focusing solely on the driver’s gender, passengers should prioritize other factors contributing to a safe and comfortable ride experience.

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When choosing a driver, it is beneficial to consider their ratings and reviews from previous passengers.

These indicators provide valuable insights into the driver’s professionalism, competence, and overall experience.

Additionally, taking note of the driver’s driving history, punctuality, and adherence to traffic regulations can help make an informed decision.

Additional Suggestions and Considerations

Explore alternative ride-sharing services that offer female-only drivers.

When looking for female Uber drivers, it’s worth exploring alternative ride-sharing services that prioritize female drivers.

These services provide additional comfort and security for passengers who prefer to have a female driver.

Some popular options to consider include the following:

  1. SheDrives: SheDrives is a ride-sharing service exclusively for women drivers and passengers. It offers a safe and empowering environment for female riders who prefer female drivers.
  2. Safer: Safr is another ride-sharing platform that focuses on providing safe transportation options for women. It offers the flexibility and convenience of on-demand rides with the added benefit of female drivers.
  3. See Jane Go: See Jane Go is a women-centric ride-hailing service that caters to female passengers seeking female drivers. It promotes a sense of community and empowerment while ensuring a comfortable ride experience.


We have explored various methods to ensure getting only female Uber drivers.

We discussed utilizing the Women Rider Preference feature, requesting through third-party apps like UZURV, and the option of canceling and reordering rides.

However, it’s crucial to remember that gender discrimination is illegal, and promoting equality in the industry is important.

It’s essential to respect legal regulations and promote equality by considering other factors such as driver competence and professionalism. By doing so, we create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I specifically request female Uber drivers through the Uber app?

You cannot request female drivers through the Uber app, but alternative methods are available.

How can I use the Women Rider Preference feature?

To use the Women Rider Preference feature, you must be a woman or non-binary registered driver-partner on the Uber app.

What should I prioritize when selecting a driver besides gender?

It’s important to prioritize driver competence, professionalism, and safety when selecting a driver, as gender discrimination is not encouraged.

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