Do Uber Drivers See Comments? Answer + Tips

Do Uber Drivers See Comments?
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Ever wondered if Uber drivers see your comments? It may seem small, but it’s important to consider how it shapes your relationship with the driver.

In this article, we’re going to give you a clear picture about:

  • If Uber drivers can see your comments.
  • How Uber keeps your identity safe.
  • How the Uber review system works.

By reading this, you’ll learn much about how your words make a difference in the Uber world. If you skip this, you might not fully understand how it all works, which could lead to misunderstandings.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber drivers do not have access to the comments left by riders; they can only see the ratings given to them.
  • This policy is in place to ensure fairness, prevent bias, and protect rider privacy.
  • Riders can view their ratings and comments by accessing their account settings on the Uber app or website.
  • Once a rating or comment is submitted, it is generally not possible to modify it.
  • Uber values feedback from both riders and drivers to continuously improve their services and provide a better experience for all users.

Uber’s Feedback System

Uber has implemented a feedback system to help maintain service quality and improve the overall rider experience.

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This system allows riders to rate their drivers and comment on their ride experiences.

Rider Ratings

After each trip, riders can rate their drivers on a scale of one to five stars. This rating system enables riders to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service received.

Commenting on Ride Experiences

In addition to ratings, riders can also provide comments regarding specific aspects of their ride experience.

These comments allow riders to provide more detailed feedback, highlighting both positive and negative aspects of their journey.

Can Riders See Your Comments?

Uber drivers do not have direct visibility of the comments left by riders.

However, they can see the overall rating they receive from each rider, which is an aggregate score based on all the individual ratings provided.

The rider’s comments remain confidential to prevent any potential bias or retaliation from drivers based on specific comments left by riders.

Communication Channels and Support

Uber provides various communication channels for riders to address any concerns or issues they may have with drivers.

Riders can contact Uber’s support team to report any problematic experiences or provide additional feedback.

Reporting Issues

If riders encounter situations where they feel the need to report driver-related concerns, Uber offers a reporting system within the app. This allows riders to share specific incidents or behaviors that require attention.

Support and Resolution

Uber’s support team takes rider feedback seriously and takes appropriate action to address reported issues. They investigate complaints and work towards resolving any problems promptly.

Accessing Rider Ratings and Comments

While Uber drivers cannot see the individual comments riders leave, riders can access their ratings and comments for each trip.

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Rider Visibility of Ratings and Comments

Riders can view their overall rating in the Uber app. This rating is an average of all the ratings they have received from drivers. However, specific comments left by drivers are not visible to riders.

Comment Breakdown for 5-Star Ratings

In a recent update, Uber introduced a feature that allows riders to see a breakdown of their 5-star ratings, including any comments provided by drivers.

This enhancement offers riders with valuable insights into what drivers appreciate about their rides.

Importance of Open Communication

While Uber drivers and riders may not have direct visibility of each other’s comments, open communication is essential in resolving any concerns or misunderstandings.

Uber encourages riders and drivers to communicate through the app’s messaging system to address any issues during a trip.

Resolving Issues Through Communication

By facilitating communication between riders and drivers, Uber aims to resolve any possible problems quickly. This approach allows for a proactive and efficient resolution process, ensuring a positive experience for riders and drivers.

Improving Rider-Driver Interactions

Uber uses the feedback provided by drivers to enhance overall rider-driver interactions.

By addressing any issues or patterns identified through driver feedback, Uber aims to create a more respectful and pleasant experience for both parties.


So, to sum it all up, Uber drivers don’t see the comments you leave as a rider, but you can see your ratings and comments. Uber uses these comments to make the service better for everyone.

Even though talking about problems can be good, Uber keeps your comments private, so you feel safe. They want to ensure everyone has a great ride, whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Uber drivers see the comments I leave after a ride?

No, Uber drivers cannot see the comments left by riders. They only have access to the ratings given by riders.

Why can’t Uber drivers see the comments I leave?

Uber has implemented a policy to protect riders and prevent any potential retaliation or bias.

Uber ensures a fair and unbiased rating system by not allowing drivers to see individual comments.

How can I see the ratings and comments given by drivers?

As a rider, you can view your own ratings and comments received from drivers.

Simply log in to your Uber account on the app or website, go to the settings menu, tap on “Privacy,” navigate to the “Privacy Center,” and select “View my ratings.”

Can I change the ratings or comments I have given to a driver?

Once you have submitted your ratings or comments for a driver, it is generally not possible to modify them. Make sure to provide accurate and fair feedback at the time of rating.

How does Uber use feedback from riders and drivers?

Uber values feedback from both riders and drivers to improve its services.

Feedback helps identify areas for improvement and maintain a high-quality experience for everyone using the platform.

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