Fraud Prevention: Why Does Uber Ask For A Pin?

Fraud Prevention: Why Does Uber Ask For A Pin?
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Ever been in a rush to jump into your Uber, only to have your departure delayed by the request for a pin? It’s a moment of confusion and frustration that can be a downer when you’re eager to start your journey. 

As an Uber rider, safety is paramount, and Uber’s PIN verification feature aims to enhance just that. This is why we’ll dive into everything you need to know about Uber’s pins while answering the following questions in this article:

  •     Why does Uber ask for a pin?
  •     How does this pin system affect your rides?
  •     What benefits does the pin system offer to users?

By the end of this article, you’ll understand why Uber asks for a pin and how it contributes to your overall ride experience.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber’s PIN verification is a safety feature designed to ensure the correct rider boards the right vehicle and can be activated for all rides or during specific hours.
  • Riders can opt into the feature via the “Settings” menu in the Uber app, where they’ll receive a unique 4-digit PIN for each ride, which they share with their driver before starting the trip.
  • Upon receiving the 4-digit PIN from the rider, drivers enter it into their app; if it’s correct, the journey can commence.
  • The PIN verification system requires drivers to have the latest version of the Uber Driver app and are allowed up to five attempts to enter the correct PIN.
  • The PIN system is a powerful tool against fraudulent activities, adds an extra layer of security, and enhances the overall safety of the Uber platform.​

Reason For Uber’s PIN Verification

Uber’s PIN verification aims to improve rider safety. The system ensures riders enter the correct vehicle with the confirmed driver, providing an extra layer of security. Here are three main reasons for this.

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Verifying the Right Rider

One reason for Uber’s PIN system is to make sure the driver is picking up the right person.

Imagine a place with a lot of people. A concert just ended, or it’s rush hour in the city. Lots of people are looking for Uber rides. It’s easy to see how a driver could pick up the wrong person. 

This is why Uber sends you a unique 4-digit PIN when you book your ride. You give this PIN to your driver.

The driver puts the PIN into their app. If the PIN matches, the driver knows they’ve found the right rider. It’s a smart system that ensures the right people find each other.

Preventing Fraud

There’s something called “ghost” or “phantom” rides. This is when cyber criminals steal your Uber login details and use them to take rides or sell them online, leaving the bill for the actual account holder.

By verifying the rider at the pick-up point, the PIN system helps prevent such occurrences, making the service safer and more reliable for users​.

And here’s another thing: security experts agree that the PIN system is a great move. It adds another level of security that makes it harder for cybercriminals to get in. It’s becoming the standard way to make sure users are who they say they are​.

Curbing Sexual Assault

Ensuring the safety and comfort of its users is a top priority for Uber, and the PIN system is a crucial tool in this endeavor.

By confirming that riders are getting into the correct car with the correct driver, the risk of sexual assault is significantly reduced.

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This feature offers a concrete step towards creating a safer and more secure environment for everyone using the service.

The PIN system guards against potential safety risks and fraudulent activities through these mechanisms. It’s a simple solution with big implications, reinforcing Uber’s commitment to safety and trust.

How PIN Verification Works

Uber introduced the PIN verification feature in response to feedback from drivers who found it challenging to confirm they picked up the correct rider, particularly in crowded areas or late-night situations.

Thus, PIN verification was born as a safety measure to facilitate accurate rider-driver matching, leading to more secure and worry-free journeys.

How PIN Verification Functions for Riders

For the rider, opting into the PIN verification feature is straightforward. Open the Uber app, navigate the “Settings” menu, and tap “Verify Your Ride.”

You can activate “Use PIN to verify Rides” and choose whether to use this feature for every ride or only during nighttime (from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.). After you’ve selected, just tap “Done,” and you’re all set.

Now, the app will generate a unique 4-digit PIN whenever you request a ride. Before hopping into the car, you must share this PIN with the driver.

The driver will then input this PIN into their app, and if it matches, they can start the trip. Remember, this feature is optional and can be toggled on or off depending on your preference for added security.

How PIN Verification Functions for Drivers

For drivers, the PIN verification process is equally simple but slightly different. A rider who has opted for PIN verification will provide a unique 4-digit PIN when they board the vehicle.

The driver needs to enter this PIN into their app, which they can attempt up to five times. If the correct PIN is entered, the trip can commence.

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Remember that drivers must have the latest version of the Driver app to accept PIN trips. This feature aids in confirming that the right passenger is in the car, promoting peace of mind for drivers and riders.

When a PIN is Required

Uber may request a PIN under certain circumstances to prevent fraudulent activities and enhance safety. It’s instrumental in verifying the correct rider, especially when identifying the right person could be tricky.

Moreover, it’s a powerful tool to prevent fraudulent claims of undelivered orders or rides. Lastly, it plays a crucial role in reducing incidents of sexual assault by ensuring that riders get into the correct vehicle.


The PIN verification feature represents Uber’s commitment to increasing the safety and reliability of its service.

It’s a clear example of how Uber leverages technology to provide enhanced safety measures, thus ensuring a more secure ridesharing environment.

While challenges exist, the system has effectively achieved its purpose: ensuring riders get into the right vehicle with the right driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Uber ask for a PIN?

Uber asks for a PIN to ensure you’re getting in the right car with the correct driver. It’s a safety feature that helps prevent any mix-ups.

How do I set up PIN verification in Uber?

In the Uber app, go to settings, select ‘Verify Your Rides,’ and then choose the ‘PIN’ option. You’ll then have to enter a PIN before your ride starts.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN?

If you enter the wrong PIN, your ride won’t start. You must enter the correct PIN that Uber sent to your phone.

Does using PIN verification cost extra?

No, using PIN verification doesn’t cost extra. It’s a free safety feature provided by Uber.

Can I use PIN verification for UberEATS?

Yes, Uber uses PIN verification for some UberEATS deliveries to ensure the right person gets the order and to prevent fraud.

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