10 Best Car Rentals at Orlando Airport 

10 Best Car Rentals at Orlando Airport 
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Navigating the bustling streets of Orlando requires the perfect vehicle from a trusted rental company. Over the years, countless travelers have made blunders by choosing the wrong car rental services, leading to unnecessary stress and expenses. But you’re about to sidestep those pitfalls.

With this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The top-rated car rental companies based on customer feedback.
  • Hidden fees and policies that most travelers overlook.
  • Strategies to secure the best deals without compromising on quality.

Dive in to ensure your Orlando trip is smooth, economical, and free from rental regrets. Let’s steer clear of common mistakes together!

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Overview: The Best Car Rental Companies at Orlando Airport

Company NamePoints (out of 100)
Alamo Rent A Car95
National Car Rental92
Enterprise Rent-A-Car90
Sixt Rent A Car85
FLEX Rent A Car83
Thrifty Car Rental80
Budget Rent A Car78
Dollar Rent A Car72
Advantage Rent A Car70

See our evaluation criteria here.

#1: Alamo Rent A Car

Alamo Rent-A-Car is renowned for its dependable fleet and top-notch customer service. Located directly at Orlando Airport, it offers travelers a convenient option to rent a car right after arrival. Many customers appreciate the swift processing and the amiable staff.

“I’ve always been greeted with a smile at Alamo in Orlando, and the entire rental process was a breeze.”


  • Direct location at the airport
  • Swift processing
  • Friendly staff


  • Longer waiting times during peak hours
  • Sometimes pricier than smaller providers

Alamo Rent-A-Car is the right choice for those who prioritize reliability and a seamless experience. It’s especially suitable for business travelers or families who don’t want to wait long after a tiring flight.

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#2: National Car Rental

National Car Rental is a well-established brand with a reputation for quality and service. The company stands out at Orlando Airport with its premium vehicle fleet and efficient service.

“The selection of premium vehicles and the hassle-free check-in at National in Orlando truly impressed me.”


  • Wide range of premium vehicles
  • Efficient check-in process
  • Helpful staff


  • It can be pricier than some competitors
  • Limited availability of specific models

National Car Rental is ideal for those seeking a touch of luxury and are willing to pay for it. It’s perfect for business trips or special occasions.

#3: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is celebrated for its top-tier customer service and range of vehicles. In Orlando, they offer convenient pick-up and drop-off at the airport, simplifying the rental process.

“At Enterprise in Orlando, I felt like a VIP. The service was prompt, and the staff catered to all my needs.”


  • Excellent customer service
  • Wide range of vehicles
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off processes


  • Can be fully booked during peak season
  • Prices can vary

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is just right for you if you’re looking for a personal touch and professional service. It’s ideal for solo travelers and couples who value quality.

#4: Sixt Rent A Car

Sixt Rent A Car is an international brand known for its modern fleet and appealing prices. In Orlando, they offer a variety of vehicles, from economy to luxury.

“With Sixt in Orlando, I got a brand-new car at an unbeatable price. Picking it up was straightforward and quick.”


  • Modern vehicle fleet
  • Appealing prices
  • Various vehicle classes to choose from


  • Customer service can vary
  • Longer waiting times during peak hours

Sixt Rent-A-Car is perfect for budget-conscious travelers who want to maintain a modern and reliable vehicle. It’s ideal for young couples or friends eager to explore Orlando.

#5: FLEX Rent A Car

FLEX Rent A Car is a rising car rental industry name known for its professional approach and competitive pricing. Located in Orlando, they offer a range of vehicles to cater to different needs. Their quick check-in process and emphasis on customer satisfaction make them a favorite among many.

“Eddy from FLEX in Orlando made the check-in process so smooth; it felt like I was dealing with a premium service without the hefty price tag.”


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick check-in process
  • Emphasis on customer satisfaction
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  • Not as well-known as other brands
  • Limited availability during peak seasons

Our recommendation:

If you’re looking for a blend of affordability and quality service, FLEX Rent-A-Car is a great choice.

#6: Thrifty Car Rental

As the name suggests, Thrifty Car Rental focuses on providing value for money. With a presence at Orlando Airport, they offer a range of vehicles at affordable rates. While they prioritize cost-effectiveness, they focus on service quality.

“At Thrifty in Orlando, I was surprised by the quality of the car I got for the price I paid.”


  • Affordable rates
  • Good quality vehicles
  • Convenient airport location


  • Longer waiting times during peak hours
  • Additional services might come at a higher cost

Our recommendation:

Thrifty Car Rental is perfect for budget travelers who want a reliable vehicle without breaking the bank. It’s a good fit for families and groups looking for value deals.

#7: Budget Rent A Car

Budget Rent A Car lives up to its name by offering budget-friendly rental options. They have a diverse fleet in Orlando to cater to various needs. Their straightforward rental process and competitive rates make them a popular choice.

“I always choose Budget in Orlando because I know I’ll get a good deal without any hidden surprises.”


  • Budget-friendly options
  • Diverse fleet of vehicles
  • Straightforward rental process


  • Service can be inconsistent
  • Some vehicles might show signs of wear and tear

Our recommendation:

Budget Rent-A-Car is ideal for travelers who want to keep their expenses in check without compromising the basics. It’s suitable for solo travelers and small groups.

#8: Advantage Rent A Car

Advantage Rent A Car offers a balanced mix of affordability and quality. With a location in Orlando, they focus on ensuring customer satisfaction through various vehicles and attentive service.

“Advantage in Orlando gave me a hassle-free experience, making my trip even more enjoyable.”


  • Balanced pricing
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Range of vehicles to choose from


  • Not as many premium vehicle options
  • It can be busy during peak travel times

Our recommendation:

Advantage Rent A Car is suitable for those who want a balanced experience – not too pricey, but with reliable service. It’s a good choice for couples and business travelers seeking hassle-free rentals.

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#9: Hertz

Hertz is a globally recognized car rental brand with a long-standing reputation. In Orlando, they offer a diverse fleet of vehicles, ensuring that travelers have a variety of options to choose from.

However, while they have a vast network and many vehicle options, some customers have reported inconsistencies in service at the Orlando location.

“I had to wait a bit longer than expected at Hertz in Orlando, but the car was in good condition.”


  • Globally recognized brand
  • Diverse fleet of vehicles
  • Convenient airport location


  • Inconsistencies in service
  • Longer waiting times reported by some customers
  • Prices can be on the higher side

Our recommendation:

Hertz is suitable for those who prefer going with a well-known brand and value the wide variety of vehicle options. However, if you’re in a rush or looking for a more consistent experience, you should explore other options.

#10: Dollar Rent A Car

While affordable, Dollar Rent-A-Car has had mixed reviews in Orlando. They offer competitive rates and a decent range of vehicles. However, there have been reports of longer waiting times and some issues with vehicle availability.

“At Dollar in Orlando, the rates were great, but I wish they had more staff during peak times.”


  • Competitive rates
  • Decent range of vehicles
  • Known for budget-friendly options


  • Longer waiting times during peak hours
  • Some reports of vehicle unavailability
  • Service can be hit or miss

Our recommendation:

Dollar Rent-A-Car is ideal for budget travelers who are flexible with their time and are looking for a cost-effective rental option. However, if you’re traveling during peak times or have specific vehicle preferences, booking well in advance is advisable.


Which car rental companies in Orlando offer a direct shuttle service from the airport?

Several top-rated car rental companies in Orlando, such as Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental, provide direct shuttle services for customers arriving at Orlando Airport, ensuring a seamless transition from your flight to your vehicle.

Are any local car rental companies in Orlando that offer competitive rates compared to international chains?

Local companies like FLEX Rent-A-Car have garnered positive reviews for their competitive pricing, often rivaling or undercutting the rates of larger international chains while still maintaining quality service.

Do Orlando’s top car rental companies offer special deals or packages for extended stays or family vacations?

Absolutely! Many of the best car rental companies, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Sixt Rent-A-Car, frequently offer special packages or discounts for extended rentals or larger vehicles suitable for family vacations. When booking, it’s always a good idea to inquire about any ongoing promotions.

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