Are Uber Drivers Allowed To Talk On The Phone?

Are Uber Drivers Allowed To Talk On The Phone?
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Whether heading to the airport or a night out, the last thing you want is an Uber driver chatting away on their phone during your ride. So, you might ask, “Are Uber drivers allowed to talk on the phone?” That is a valid concern indeed.

In this article, we’ll delve into Uber’s policy regarding driver phone usage. We will highlight the following topics:

  •     What does Uber’s policy say about drivers talking on the phone?
  •     What are the safety implications of drivers using their phones while driving?
  •     What can you do if your Uber driver is on the phone during your trip?

By the end of this article, you’ll understand Uber’s phone usage policy for drivers and be equipped to handle any situation where this becomes a concern. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber has a rule that drivers can’t pick up or touch their phones to make calls while driving. It’s all about keeping the roads safe.
  • Drivers have some freedom when it comes to using their phones, but they can only use them to accept or decline rides when securely fixed.
  • Passengers can make phone calls during rides, but they mustn’t be too noisy or distracting.
  • There are plenty of ways for Uber drivers to communicate without picking up their phones.
  • Constant phone use by either drivers or passengers can mess with the driver’s ability to do a good job and the ride’s ratings. So, it’s best to use phones responsibly.

Uber’s Policy and Guidelines

Navigating the world of ridesharing, both as a driver and a passenger, can sometimes be tricky. Various policies and rules govern how one can behave during the ride to ensure safety and comfort for everyone involved. 

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A topic often sparks curiosity is whether Uber drivers can talk on the phone during a ride. The short answer is yes, but there are some nuances and restrictions that we need to consider.

Uber Drivers and Phone Usage

To begin with, it’s crucial to recognize that Uber drivers are not employees of Uber but independent contractors. This means they are free to make their own decisions on matters like phone usage. 

However, it’s worth noting that Uber has set specific rules that all drivers must follow, impacting how and when drivers can use their mobile devices while working.

In a recent update to Uber’s guidelines, touching or holding a mobile phone to make voice calls while driving will incur a penalty of 3 demerit points and a $500 infringement notice. 

The only time a driver is allowed to touch their phone is to accept or reject a ride request, and even then, the phone must be securely mounted in a cradle. This rule aligns with many local laws about distracted driving and mobile phone use.

Uber Phone Rules

Why These Rules Matter

The rules might seem restrictive, but there are good reasons behind them. The most significant reason is safety.

According to the National Safety Council, cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes yearly, and nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting while driving. 

Therefore, limiting the use of mobile phones by drivers is necessary to reduce these numbers.

Moreover, having drivers’ attention divided between driving and a phone conversation could result in a less smooth ride for the passengers.

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Passengers expect a safe, comfortable journey, and anything that can compromise this expectation is often viewed negatively.

The Passengers’ Phone Usage Guidelines

On the other hand, Uber passengers can make phone calls during the ride. Keeping their voice down is advisable to avoid disturbing the driver or other passengers, especially during shared rides.

Being considerate of others in a confined space like a car is fundamental etiquette that every passenger should adhere to.

Yet, some drivers might find it disruptive when passengers make personal phone calls during the ride.

While there’s no rule against it, passengers should be mindful of this and try to limit their phone use so that it doesn’t disturb the driver’s concentration or the comfort of other passengers.

Communication Alternatives for Uber Drivers

Given the stringent phone usage rules, Uber drivers might wonder how to maintain necessary communication without jeopardizing their safety or breaking any regulations.

There are several alternatives that drivers can consider.

Scheduled Breaks 

Regular breaks during driving shifts allow drivers to attend to any pending calls or messages without risking their safety.

A quick stop in a safe location to deal with pressing matters can be an excellent way to balance communication needs and driving responsibilities.

Voicemail and Auto-Responders 

Another option is to set up voicemail or auto-responders for calls and messages. This way, anyone trying to reach the driver will be informed that they are unavailable but will get back to them as soon as possible.

Assistance from Passengers 

There may be situations where a call is urgent, and a driver can’t wait for a break to respond. In such cases, and with the passenger’s consent, drivers could ask passengers to help by handling the call.

Hands-Free Devices

The use of hands-free devices could be a viable solution. Devices like Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones, or a car’s built-in Bluetooth system can allow drivers to answer calls without physically touching their phones, abiding by Uber’s rules.

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Consequences for Violating Uber’s Phone Usage Policy

Uber drivers who violate the mobile phone policy can face significant consequences.

Beyond the penalties imposed by Uber, such as demerit points and infringement notices, drivers could also be violating local traffic laws, leading to fines or even license suspension in extreme cases. 

Repeated violations could result in being deactivated from the Uber platform, impacting their livelihood.


While it is legal for Uber drivers to talk on the phone, specific regulations are in place to put safety first.

Applying these rules involves everyone—drivers, passengers, and the wider community—each playing a part in promoting a safer, more respectful, and ultimately more enjoyable ridesharing experience. 

As we move into the future, it will be fascinating to see how these rules and practices evolve to meet the ever-changing dynamics of communication and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Uber drivers use their phones while driving?

Uber drivers are not allowed to touch or hold a mobile phone to make voice calls while driving. This is a strict guideline by Uber to ensure safety.

Are Uber drivers allowed to answer or reject trips while driving?

Yes, drivers can touch their phones to accept or reject a trip, but only if the phone is securely mounted in a cradle. This keeps them hands-free while driving.

Are passengers allowed to use their phones during an Uber ride?

Passengers can make phone calls during the ride if they are not too loud or disruptive. It is, however, considered courteous to ask the driver’s permission first.

Is there any official policy from Uber regarding passenger phone usage?

While there’s no strict policy on passenger phone usage, Uber encourages passengers to keep their voices down to avoid disturbing the driver.

What do Uber drivers think about passengers making phone calls during rides?

Different drivers have different views on this. Some drivers don’t mind passengers making calls, provided they’re not too loud or disruptive. It is always a good idea to ask the driver before making a call.

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