Uber Connect: Is Uber Package Delivery Worth It?

Uber Connect: Is Uber Package Delivery Worth It?
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Using Uber for package delivery might seem like a convenient solution, but is it worth the cost? Depending on the distance, urgency, and size of the package, delivery prices can quickly rack up.

In this article, we will dig into the worthiness of Uber’s package delivery and explore the following topics:

  •     What factors determine the cost of Uber’s package delivery?
  •     When and where might Uber package delivery be a cost-effective option?
  •     How can you make the most of Uber’s package delivery service to get value for your money?

Simply put, by the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of when Uber package delivery is cost-effective. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions regarding your delivery needs.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber Connect is a quick local package delivery service that operates through the Uber app, offering drivers an additional income stream.
  • Some benefits of Uber Connect include speedy local deliveries, the ability to give drivers special instructions, and same-day package sending and receiving.
  • However, the service has drawbacks, including higher delivery risks, longer waits rewarded with small fares, and some cases of lost or damaged packages.
  • Typically, drivers can expect to earn between $5 to $20 per trip, with good customer service crucial to earning tips and a high rating.
  • The worth of Uber Connect ultimately hinges on individual circumstances and preferences, factoring in the pros, cons, and personal needs for speed and convenience in deliveries.

Understanding Uber Connect 

Uber Connect is a service that lets you send packages to others in your city. It’s like the regular Uber service, but instead of people, drivers transport packages. 

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You ask for a driver using the Uber app on your phone. When the driver arrives, they pick up your package and take it to the person waiting for it at the other end. This service is usually used within one city and doesn’t cross country borders.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple to use Uber Connect. You open the Uber app and click on the package icon. The app will guide you on what to do next​. 

The package you want to send should fit in the trunk of a car and be sealed tightly. The package should not contain items that are not allowed, like alcohol, medication, or dangerous goods​.

The person getting the package should be ready to pick it up from the driver. If you want the driver to leave the package at the door, you can add instructions in the app.

The Pros of Uber Connect

Uber Connect offers several enticing advantages that make it stand out. It provides an additional avenue for drivers to enhance their earnings, complementing their regular ride-sharing duties.

A Revenue Boost for Drivers

Uber Connect, the convenient package delivery service, can be a brilliant way to earn extra income for drivers. Drivers can tap into a new revenue stream by delivering packages instead of people. 

But how much can you make? Drivers on Reddit [a popular online forum] have been sharing their earnings. Some say they make between $30 and $50 per trip. Of course, this depends on how far they have to drive. So, there’s potential for good earnings with Uber Connect.

Swift Delivery

One of the major benefits of Uber Connect is its swift delivery time. The time to complete a delivery can vary based on factors like package size and traffic. 

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However, Uber states that most deliveries should be completed within 30 minutes. This quick turnaround time allows drivers to complete multiple deliveries quickly, potentially increasing their earnings.

The Assurance of Package Safety

To ensure that your package is handled to meet your satisfaction, Uber Connect allows you to give the driver specific instructions for handling your package.

Cons of Uber Connect

Despite its numerous pros, Uber Connect is not without its share of drawbacks. For starters, package delivery inherently carries more risks than driving passengers around.

Challenges in Finding the Recipient

There can be instances where the driver faces difficulties locating the recipient’s address. This not only wastes time but may also lead to failed deliveries.

Time and Effort

The time it takes to deliver a package will depend on many things. The size of the package, how busy the roads are, and how far you have to drive can all make a difference. Uber says most deliveries will be done within 30 minutes. 

But if you get a lot of big packages or have to drive a long way, it could take longer.

Payment and Wait Time Issues

While Uber Connect can be lucrative, there are times when the pay might not justify the waiting times, especially when there’s a long wait. Another limitation is that only small packages are allowed, limiting the range of items you can send.

Risks of Damages and Losses

Furthermore, there have been reports from users about lost or damaged packages. So, this is a risk that potential users must consider before opting for this service.

Vehicle Wear and Tear

Last, think about your car. Driving for Uber Connect means you’ll be on the road a lot. This can be hard on your car. You might need to change your oil more often, your tires wear out faster, and you might need more repairs. All of these things will cost you money.

Is Uber Connect Worth It?

Is Uber Connect worth it? Well, it highly depends on individual preferences and needs. For some, the advantages, such as extra income and quick deliveries, are highly appealing.

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However, for others, the risks associated with the service and restrictions on package size may deter them. It’s essential to assess your situation and weigh the pros and cons before deciding.

The Influence of Your Locale

Your location can play a big part in the value of Uber Connect. There may be more demand for quick, local deliveries in busy, urban areas. Uber Connect could be a lucrative option if you’re in such an area.

But everything that glitters isn’t gold. It’s vital to consider the potential challenges.

In short, Uber Connect’s worth is subjective. It depends on your personal goals, availability, and the specific circumstances of your locale. You can make an informed decision by taking the time to assess these factors.


Uber Connect is a convenient delivery service with its own set of pros and cons. It offers drivers an additional income source and enables quick local customer deliveries. However, it comes with risks, such as lost or damaged packages. 

Ultimately, the value of Uber Connect hinges on individual circumstances and preferences. By considering all these factors, you can decide whether Uber Connect is worth it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a delivery service that uses the Uber app to deliver packages locally.

What are the benefits of using Uber Connect?

Uber Connect can provide extra income for drivers. It also offers customers quick local deliveries, usually completed within 30 minutes.

What are the downsides of Uber Connect?

Some challenges include potential delivery mishaps and the limitation of 30 pounds for packages. There have also been reports of lost or damaged packages.

How much can drivers earn with Uber Connect?

Earnings can vary, but drivers typically expect to earn between $5 to $20 per trip.

Is Uber Connect worth it?

Whether Uber Connect is worth, it depends on your circumstances and preferences. Consider the pros and cons and your need for speed or convenience in deliveries.

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