How Reliable Is Uber In The Morning? We Did Some Research

How Reliable Is Uber In The Morning? We Did Some Research
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Relying on Uber for morning trips can feel like a gamble. Things like where you are, how many drivers are around, and heavy traffic can turn a simple trip into a worry.

In this article, we’ll answer the question, “How reliable is Uber in the morning” and highlight the following topics:

  • When does Uber work, and how does that affect if you can get a ride?
  • What might change your chances of getting a ride?
  • Does scheduling a ride early in the morning work?

By the end of this, you’ll know how to make your morning Uber trips less of a guess and more of a sure thing.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber never sleeps; it’s available 24/7. But, how quickly you can get a ride in the early morning depends on where you are and how many drivers are around.
  • Usually, drivers are ready to take you for medium or long drives any time you want, but sometimes, you might have to wait a bit longer in certain places.
  • Yes, Uber does early morning pickups, but traffic jams or drivers canceling at the last minute can mess with the service.
  • Uber lets you schedule your ride in advance to make things more reliable. That means getting a ride early in the morning can be a breeze.
  • Your rider rating matters. If you’ve got a high score, you might find it easier to get an Uber in the morning. Drivers tend to prefer riders with higher ratings.

Uber’s Availability

Every day, many people depend on Uber for transportation. Whether it’s to catch a flight, commute to work, or enjoy an early morning ride, Uber is a go-to choice for many. Let’s see how well you can rely on Uber’s morning service.

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24/7 Availability

Uber operates around the clock, providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This means you can hail an Uber car if a driver is online. However, the availability and reliability of the service in the early morning can vary.

Early Morning Availability

How quickly you can get an Uber in the early morning depends on your location.

Some areas have multiple drivers online round-the-clock, readily available for medium to long-distance trips. But there are other locations where you might experience longer wait times for a car.

Factors That Affect Uber Availability In The Morning 

A discussion post on TripAdvisor mentions that getting the cheapest Uber service in the early morning might be more challenging. Nevertheless, users also report that the wait time generally remains within the 10-15 minute bracket.

So, while it might take a little longer, the delay isn’t really significant. But what can affect Uber’s availability in the morning?

Drivers’ Perspective

Uber drivers have the freedom to choose their working hours. Hence, the availability of drivers during the early morning hours largely depends on the drivers themselves.

In populated areas, it’s more likely that drivers will be online round-the-clock. However, in smaller towns or rural areas, the number of active drivers might be fewer in the early morning.

Traffic Conditions and Uber Availability

Keep in mind that traffic conditions can also affect the reliability of Uber in the morning. In busy city areas, morning rush hours may cause traffic jams, which could delay your ride.

Although Uber drivers usually know the best routes to avoid traffic, unexpected situations can still arise.

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When traveling during peak hours, make sure you invest extra time for your journey.

Uber Ratings

Driver and rider ratings can also play a part in Uber’s reliability. Uber drivers prefer riders with higher ratings, which means they are more likely to accept your ride request if you maintain a good rating.

On the other hand, drivers with high ratings are often more experienced and reliable, ensuring a safe and timely ride.

Driver Availability

The availability of Uber drivers in your area can greatly impact the service’s reliability in the early mornings.

In densely populated urban areas, you’re more likely to find many drivers online at all times.

However, driver availability can be more sporadic in rural or less populated areas, especially at odd hours.


Uber’s ride-scheduling feature is handy for those who want to ensure they have a ride in the early morning. This feature lets you schedule a ride in advance, ensuring a car is booked for your required time.

However, it’s crucial to remember that unexpected events like traffic or driver cancellations can still impact the reliability of this service.


What makes Uber reliable is its round-the-clock service, the ability to schedule rides, and its broad reach across different locations. However, the availability of drivers and the time of day can affect this reliability. 

So, if you plan to use Uber in the early mornings, it’s always a good idea to plan.

This way, you can ensure you reach your destination on time.

Remember that even the most reliable services can encounter unexpected delays, so it’s always better to factor in extra time when scheduling your ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I book an Uber in advance for an early morning ride?

Yes, Uber has a pre-scheduling feature that allows you to book your ride in advance, ensuring a driver is available at your specified time.

Are Uber’s services available 24/7?

Yes, Uber operates 24/7. However, the availability of drivers can vary depending on your location and the time of your ride.

How does traffic affect the reliability of Uber in the morning?

Traffic can cause delays, especially during rush hours. Uber drivers are skilled at finding the best routes, but unexpected traffic jams can still occur.

Are Uber services more reliable in urban areas in the morning?

Typically, urban areas have more Uber drivers available around the clock, increasing service reliability. However, reliability can be lower in rural or less populated areas.

Can my rider rating affect the reliability of getting an Uber in the morning?

Yes, drivers tend to prefer riders with higher ratings. A good rating can increase the likelihood of a driver accepting your ride request.

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