GPS in Car Rental: Take-out Location

GPS in Car Rental: Take-out Location
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Car rental services have transformed travel, providing flexibility, freedom, and convenience. But as the industry evolves, so do the tools that enhance the rental experience.

One such tool, often overlooked but integral, is the Global Positioning System (GPS).

In the context of car rental services, GPS technology not only aids navigation but significantly simplifies the take-out process at rental locations. It ensures seamless tracking and coordination, making the pick-up and drop-off procedures efficient and hassle-free.

In this article, we delve into the pivotal role of GPS technology in car rental take-out locations. We’ll explore how this satellite-based navigation system enhances the rental experience, eases the operational flow for service providers, and offers myriad benefits for users. 

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Key Takeaways

  • GPS tracking devices have become a common feature in rental cars, with some companies even offering dedicated tracking services.
  • Renting a GPS separately can often be more cost-effective than renting one from a car rental company.
  • Features like real-time tracking and location alerts can significantly enhance the experience of renting a car, offering both convenience and security.
  • Renting a GPS with a rental car can add an extra $10 to $15 per day on average to your bill.
  • While installing a GPS tracker on a rental car is possible, adhering to the rental company’s policies and local laws is essential to avoid any potential issues.

The Role of GPS in Car Rentals

GPS systems have become an integral part of our daily lives, guiding us on roads less traveled and ensuring we reach our destinations safely and efficiently.

They play an especially significant role in car rentals, where their presence can make or break a user’s experience.


A GPS or Global Positioning System is a navigational aid that uses satellite signals to determine precise location, speed, and time.

In the context of rental cars, GPS units serve as indispensable tools, helping renters navigate unfamiliar roads and reach their destinations without getting lost.

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This is particularly beneficial for travelers unfamiliar with the roads and routes and visiting a new city or country.

GPS devices in rental cars do more than provide directions. They offer details about points of interest, live traffic updates, speed limit alerts, and even hands-free calling and texting capabilities.

They often come with user-friendly interfaces and voice-guided directions, offering a seamless navigation experience.

Car Rental Companies Offering GPS Tracking Services

GPS tracking in rental cars has gained momentum, with companies such as GPS Leaders and SeeWorldGPS offering specialized services.

GPS tracking services offer several benefits, not only to the renter but also to the rental company.

For the renter, GPS tracking devices can provide a sense of security, especially when traveling in unfamiliar locations. They allow the user to track the vehicle’s location in real-time, which can be particularly helpful in emergencies or if the car is stolen.

For the rental company, GPS tracking devices can provide valuable insights into the vehicle’s usage, including driving patterns, mileage, and fuel consumption.

This data can help rental companies manage their fleet more effectively, plan maintenance, and improve customer service.

Rental companies also use GPS tracking to recover vehicles in case of theft or unauthorized use. The tracking device can pinpoint the vehicle’s exact location, enabling the rental company or law enforcement agencies to recover it quickly.

GPS Leaders, for instance, offers real-time tracking, route history, geofencing, and alarm features. Their platform allows rental companies to monitor their fleet from anywhere, at any time.

Similarly, SeeWorldGPS provides various GPS tracking solutions tailored for car rental companies. Their features include real-time tracking, trip history, driving behavior analysis, and more. They also offer a mobile app that allows users to track their vehicles.

Cost-Effective Alternatives

While a GPS is an indispensable tool for navigating unfamiliar roads, the costs associated with renting one from a car rental company can quickly add up.

However, savvy travelers have an array of more cost-effective alternatives at their disposal. One such option is to rent a GPS device separately, bypassing the rental company’s offering altogether.

GPS Rental Services

Rental companies often charge a daily fee for using their GPS devices, which can substantially inflate the total cost of your rental. But did you know you could rent a GPS device separately for a fraction of that cost?

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Companies like LowerGear, for example, offer GPS rental services aimed specifically at travelers.

These services allow you to rent a GPS device for your trip without the hefty price tag often associated with the rental car company’s GPS offering.

For instance, LowerGear’s GPS rental service offers devices preloaded with maps for the US and other world destinations.

These devices have many features, including points of interest, real-time traffic updates, and turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Car Rental GPS Vs. GPS Rental Services

When considering whether to opt for a car rental company’s GPS or a separate GPS rental service, weighing the costs is essential. Car rental companies typically charge a daily fee for GPS devices, ranging from $10 to $15 per day or more.

Throughout a week-long trip, this could add up to over $100 just for GPS usage.

On the other hand, GPS rental services often charge a flat fee for the rental period, regardless of length. For example, LowerGear’s GPS rentals start at around $35 weekly, substantial savings compared to the car rental company’s offering.

GPS Tracking Features

GPS tracking devices have evolved into powerful tools that offer more than just navigation assistance.

They come packed with features like real-time tracking and location alerts that can significantly enhance the rental car experience. These features can be particularly useful when renting a car, offering peace of mind and an added level of security.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is a GPS feature that allows you to monitor the vehicle’s location in real time.

It provides instant updates about the car’s whereabouts, which can be especially useful if multiple people use the rental car or the vehicle gets stolen.

Moreover, real-time tracking can also help monitor speed and route, ensuring the driver adheres to the planned itinerary and driving regulations. This can also help avoid traffic jams, road closures, or any other unforeseen road conditions, making your journey more efficient and hassle-free.

Location Alerts

Another valuable feature is location alerts. This GPS functionality allows you to set up notifications for when the rental car enters or exits certain geographical areas, known as geofences. These alerts can be handy in various situations – for example, when lending the rental car to a friend or family member or using the vehicle in a large city or unfamiliar area.

The Cost of Renting a GPS for a Car Rental

The cost of renting a GPS with a car rental varies significantly based on the rental company and the length of the rental period.

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Rental companies charge between $10 and $15 daily for a GPS unit. This means that for a long rental, the cost of the GPS could add an extra $70 to $105 to your bill.

It’s also worth noting that some rental companies may offer GPS as part of a package deal with other extras, like car seats or roadside assistance.

While these deals may seem attractive, they can sometimes be more expensive than renting each item separately, so it’s essential to do your due diligence.

Installing a GPS Tracker on a Rental Car

While installing a GPS tracker on a rental car can offer a range of benefits, it’s important to remember that this should always be done in compliance with rental policies and local laws.

Unauthorized tracking device installation could violate privacy laws and the rental agreement, leading to potential fines or even legal action.

Before installing a GPS tracker, read the rental agreement thoroughly and check with the rental company if in doubt. If you have the green light, installing the device is typically straightforward.

However, always ensure it’s done correctly to avoid any potential damage to the vehicle.


As we cruise to the end of our journey on GPS in car rentals, we can conclude that GPS tracking devices provide a wealth of features that enhance the convenience of your car rental experience and potentially increase your safety and security.

However, as with every service, weighing the cost-effectiveness and legality of the options available is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all car rental companies offer GPS tracking services?

Not all car rental companies offer GPS tracking services. While many do, it’s best to call ahead and inquire about the availability and cost of GPS units.

How much does renting a GPS with a car rental cost?

The cost of renting a GPS with a car rental can vary widely. You can expect to pay between $10 and $15 per day. However, prices can fluctuate based on the rental company and the length of the rental period.

Can I install a GPS tracker on a rental car?

While installing a GPS tracker on a rental car is technically possible, it’s crucial to first check with the rental company and adhere to local laws and regulations. Unauthorized tracking device installation could violate privacy laws and the rental agreement.

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