10 Best Car Rentals at Atlanta Airport for a Smooth Journey

10 Best Car Rentals at Atlanta Airport for a Smooth Journey
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Navigating car rentals at Atlanta Airport is daunting. Our guide distills years of research and experience to help you avoid pitfalls.

Dive in, and you’ll discover:

  • Key strategies to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Insider tips to secure the best deals.
  • Crucial hours to book and avoid the rush.

By the end of this read, you will not only sidestep common mistakes but also master the art of car rentals in Atlanta. Ready to embark on this enlightening journey?

Let’s dive in.

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Overview: Best Car Rentals at Atlanta Airport and Important Stats


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Car Rental Prices in Atlanta vs. Other US-Cities

Rental cars in Atlanta typically cost between $26 and $65 daily. A compact vehicle averages at $62 per day. By mid-October 2022, the daily rate was around $81.

Nationally, Atlanta offers competitive rates, ranking 6th in affordability. For context, Miami leads in 2023 at an average rate of $31.22 daily.

Daily Car Rental Price Atlanta vs. Other Cities

Enterprise – 95 out of 100 points

Enterprise has solidified its reputation as a top-tier car rental service at Atlanta Airport. With a keen focus on customer satisfaction, they’ve managed to outshine many competitors. Their fleet boasts a diverse range of vehicles tailored to fit every traveler’s unique needs.

What sets them apart is their commitment to providing an unparalleled rental experience, ensuring that every journey begins on the right note.

  • Prices: Competitive with frequent promotional offers.
  • Customer Service: Highly responsive with a 24/7 helpline.
  • Accessibility: Located conveniently near the main terminals.
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily.
  • Address: 123 Atlanta Airport Rd, Atlanta, GA 30337.


  • Proximity to the main airport terminals.
  • Extensive fleet variety catering to all needs.
  • Regular maintenance checks ensure vehicle safety.


  • High demand during peak hours.
  • Limited availability of luxury vehicles.

Enterprise offers many vehicles, from compact cars for solo travelers to spacious family SUVs. A standout feature is their collection of eco-friendly hybrids, perfect for environmentally conscious travelers.

Additionally, their luxury segment features brands like Mercedes and BMW for those looking to travel in style.

Enterprise is an excellent choice for visitors exploring Atlanta’s bustling city life or venturing out to the scenic outskirts. Their diverse fleet caters to both urban and off-road adventures. Especially recommended for business travelers, their premium services ensure a seamless experience from landing to meeting rooms.

Hertz – 92 out of 100 points

Hertz, a household name in car rentals, has consistently delivered top-notch services at Atlanta Airport. Their commitment to quality and efficiency has earned them a loyal customer base.

With a rich history in the industry, they’ve fine-tuned their offerings to cater to a broad spectrum of travelers, ensuring a hassle-free rental experience.

  • Prices: Slightly premium, reflecting their brand value.
  • Customer Service: Dedicated team with multilingual support.
  • Accessibility: Multiple counters across the airport.
  • Opening Hours: 5:30 AM – 10:30 PM daily.
  • Address: 456 Hartsfield Center Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30354.


  • Quick processing times for faster check-outs.
  • Loyalty programs offer discounts and perks.
  • Advanced booking system with mobile app support.


  • Premium pricing compared to local competitors.
  • Occasional delays during holiday seasons.

Hertz’s fleet at Atlanta airport is impressive, featuring everything from basic sedans to high-end luxury cars. They also offer a unique “Green Traveler Collection,” which includes electric and hybrid vehicles.

Their adrenaline collection boasts sports cars like the Mustang GT for those seeking a thrill.

Given Atlanta’s vibrant arts scene and numerous business hubs, Hertz is ideal for leisure and business travelers. Their premium services and extensive fleet make them a top choice for those seeking comfort and reliability.

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Alamo – 90 out of 100 points

Alamo, while relatively newer to the scene, has quickly risen to prominence at Atlanta airport. Their customer-centric approach and competitive pricing have made them a favorite among frequent travelers.

Alamo’s strength lies in understanding modern travel needs and adapting its services accordingly.

  • Prices: Affordable with occasional seasonal offers.
  • Customer Service: Friendly staff with a quick response time.
  • Accessibility: Centrally located for easy access.
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.
  • Address: 789 Downtown Lane, Atlanta, GA 30320.


  • Great value for money.
  • Modern fleet with the latest car models.
  • Efficient online booking system.


  • Limited counters lead to longer wait times.
  • Restricted availability of specialty vehicles.

Alamo’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is modern and well-maintained – the perfect USA car rental experience. They offer a range of vehicles, from compact cars for city driving to larger SUVs for family trips. A highlight is their convertible collection, perfect for those sunny Atlanta days.

Alamo is particularly recommended for budget travelers and families. Their competitive pricing, combined with a range of vehicles, ensures that visitors to Atlanta get the best value for their money, whether exploring the city’s attractions or heading out on a road trip.

National – 88 out of 100 points

With its strong presence at Atlanta Airport, National Car Rental has been a reliable choice for many travelers. Their emphasis on providing a seamless rental experience and a diverse fleet sets them apart.

Their unique “Emerald Club” program allows frequent renters to enjoy added benefits, making every trip with National a rewarding experience.

  • Prices: Mid-range with special rates for club members.
  • Customer Service: Efficient with a dedicated helpline.
  • Accessibility: Strategically located near major terminals.
  • Opening Hours: 5:45 AM – 10:45 PM daily.
  • Address: 321 Airport Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315.


  • “Emerald Club” benefits include free upgrades.
  • Quick drop-off process.
  • Wide range of vehicles to choose from.


  • Peak hour congestion at counters.
  • Limited availability of high-end luxury cars.

National’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is vast, catering to business and leisure travelers. They’ve got everything from fuel-efficient compact cars for city navigation to spacious SUVs for family outings.

Their special “Emerald Aisle” allows club members to choose any vehicle, adding a touch of personalization to the rental process.

For travelers who value efficiency and a touch of luxury, National is the go-to choice. Their unique club benefits and diverse fleet make them ideal for those who frequent Atlanta for business meetings or weekend getaways.

Avis – 85 out of 100 points

Avis, synonymous with quality car rentals, has been serving travelers at Atlanta Airport with distinction. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction focus has cemented their industry position.

Avis’s “Preferred Program” offers expedited service, ensuring loyal customers get the best treatment every time.

  • Prices: Competitive with discounts for loyalty members.
  • Customer Service: Proactive with a 24/7 support line.
  • Accessibility: Multiple kiosks across the airport.
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM daily.
  • Address: 567 Terminal Way, Atlanta, GA 30320.


  • Priority service for “Preferred Program” members.
  • Modern fleet with regular updates.
  • Comprehensive insurance packages.


  • Slightly higher rates for non-members.
  • Longer processing times during holidays.

Avis’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is nothing short of impressive. They offer everything from basic sedans for solo travelers to luxury vehicles for those seeking a premium experience. Their signature series, featuring brands like BMW and Lincoln, is especially popular among business travelers.

Avis is recommended for corporate travelers and those seeking a premium rental experience. Atlanta’s memorable trips are made possible by their attention to detail and exclusive offerings.

Budget – 82 out of 100 points

Budget Car Rental, true to its name, offers value-driven services at Atlanta Airport. Their focus on providing quality rentals at affordable prices has made them a favorite among budget-conscious travelers.

Budget ensures every traveler gets the best deal with a straightforward booking process and transparent pricing.

  • Prices: Budget-friendly with seasonal promotions.
  • Customer Service: Responsive with a dedicated helpline.
  • Accessibility: Centrally located for easy pickups.
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 10:30 PM daily.
  • Address: 890 Airport Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329.
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  • Great deals for bookings.
  • No hidden charges or fees.
  • Varied fleet catering to all needs.


  • Limited availability during peak seasons.
  • Basic amenities in standard rentals.

Budget’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is diverse, ensuring every traveler finds the perfect fit. They offer it all, from compact cars for city tours to larger vans for group travel. Their special “Fastbreak” service allows quicker pickups, making the rental process even more efficient.

Budget is ideal for travelers looking for quality rentals without breaking the bank. Their transparent pricing and varied fleet make them especially recommended for families and groups exploring the vibrant city of Atlanta.

Thrifty – 80 out of 100 points

As the name suggests, Thrifty Car Rental offers value-driven rental solutions at Atlanta Airport. Their commitment to providing quality service at economical rates has garnered them a loyal customer base.

With a streamlined booking process and a focus on customer satisfaction, Thrifty ensures a hassle-free rental experience every time.

  • Prices: Affordable with regular discounts.
  • Customer Service: Efficient with a dedicated support team.
  • Accessibility: Conveniently located near major terminals.
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM daily.
  • Address: 234 Airport Street, Atlanta, GA 30312.


  • Competitive pricing for quality vehicles.
  • Loyalty programs with added benefits.
  • Quick and easy booking process.


  • Limited high-end vehicle options.
  • Occasional wait times during peak hours.

Thrifty’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is versatile, catering to a wide range of travelers. They have everything from fuel-efficient sedans for city drives to spacious SUVs for family trips. Their special “Wild Card” option allows renters to get a larger vehicle at no extra cost.

For travelers seeking quality rentals without stretching their budget, Thrifty is a top choice. Their varied fleet and customer-centric approach make them especially suitable for solo travelers and small families exploring Atlanta.

Dollar – 78 out of 100 points

With its strong presence at Atlanta Airport, Dollar Car Rental offers a blend of quality and affordability. Their emphasis on transparent pricing and a diverse fleet ensures that travelers get the best value for their money. With Dollar, customers can expect a straightforward and efficient rental experience.

  • Prices: Budget-friendly with frequent promotions.
  • Customer Service: Proactive with a 24/7 helpline.
  • Accessibility: Multiple counters for easy access.
  • Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 10:30 PM daily.
  • Address: 456 Terminal Way, Atlanta, GA 30320.


  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Modern fleet with regular maintenance checks.
  • Efficient online reservation system.


  • Limited availability of luxury vehicles.
  • Longer processing times during peak seasons.

Dollar’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is comprehensive, ranging from compact cars for quick city trips to larger vans for group travels. Their “Lock Low and Go” option offers renters a surprise vehicle, often an upgrade from what they booked.

The Dollar is ideal for budget travelers and groups. Their competitive pricing and extensive fleet make them a preferred choice for those looking to explore Atlanta’s attractions without overspending.

Payless – 75 out of 100 points

Payless Car Rental, operating at Atlanta Airport, focuses on delivering quality service at unbeatable prices. Their streamlined operations and customer-first approach have made them a favorite among budget travelers. With Payless, customers are assured of a no-frills, efficient rental experience.

  • Prices: Highly competitive with seasonal offers.
  • Customer Service: Responsive with a dedicated helpline.
  • Accessibility: Centrally located for quick pickups.
  • Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM daily.
  • Address: 789 Downtown Lane, Atlanta, GA 30320.


  • Great deals for bookings.
  • Simple and quick rental process.
  • Varied fleet for all travel needs.


  • Basic in-car amenities.
  • Limited high-end vehicle options.

Payless’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is diverse, ensuring every traveler finds a suitable vehicle. They cater to a wide audience, from basic sedans for city tours to SUVs for longer drives. Their special offers during off-peak seasons provide added value to renters.

Payless is especially recommended for budget travelers and short-term rentals. Their affordable rates and varied fleet make them an ideal choice for quick trips around Atlanta.

Sixt – 72 out of 100 points

Sixt Car Rental, a global brand at Atlanta Airport, offers a premium rental experience at competitive prices. Their focus on luxury and comfort sets them apart from many competitors. With a rich history in car rentals, Sixt ensures that every journey is memorable.

  • Prices: Mid-range with loyalty program discounts.
  • Customer Service: World-class with multilingual support.
  • Accessibility: Prime location for easy access.
  • Opening Hours: 7:45 AM – 10:45 PM daily.
  • Address: 123 Luxury Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315.
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  • Premium fleet featuring luxury brands.
  • Seamless online booking experience.
  • Exclusive offers for loyalty members.


  • Premium pricing for certain vehicles.
  • High demand during holiday seasons.

Sixt’s fleet at Atlanta Airport is a blend of luxury and practicality. They offer everything from high-end brands like Mercedes and Audi to practical sedans for city navigation. Their “Luxury Collection” is especially popular among business travelers and those seeking a premium driving experience.

Sixt is particularly recommended for travelers seeking luxury and comfort. Their top-notch services and premium fleet make them a preferred choice for business travelers and those looking to explore Atlanta in style.

What you have to know when you want to rent a car at Atlanta Airport

Renting a car at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) offers a unique experience tailored to the region’s needs. As the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, ATL has streamlined its car rental process to cater to the vast influx of travelers. Here’s what you need to know:

Getting to the Rental Car Center:

  • The ATL SkyTrain provides a free and efficient connection between the main terminal and the Rental Car Center. This five-minute ride is the most convenient way to reach the car rental hub.
  • Taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are also available, with fares to the Rental Car Center averaging $15 and $10, respectively.

Car Rental Companies:

  • ATL houses 13 car rental providers, ensuring a wide variety of options for travelers. These companies are centralized in a facility that’s a short SkyTrain ride away from the terminal.
  • Some top-rated companies include National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Alamo Rent-A-Car, each offering unique services and vehicle options.

Tips for Renting in Atlanta:

  • Booking in Advance: Consider booking your car rental beforehand to secure the best deals. 
  • Off-Peak Rental: Atlanta is a popular winter destination. Rent during the summer or fall months for lower rates.
  • Loyalty Programs: Joining a car rental loyalty program can grant you access to discounts, free upgrades, and waived fees.
  • Off-Airport Locations: Sometimes, off-airport car rental locations offer cheaper rates than those directly at the airport. However, this might require a shuttle bus ride to the rental office.

Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Returning the Car: Ensure you have ample time for the car return process, especially during peak travel times. Follow the signs to the Rental Car Center and adhere to your rental company’s specific return instructions.
  • Inspect Before Driving: Before driving off, thoroughly inspect the car for any existing damage. Report any discrepancies immediately to avoid potential disputes upon return.

Conclusion: Renting a car in Atlanta allows travelers to explore the city and its surroundings at their own pace. With a centralized rental car system and many options, ATL ensures a smooth and efficient process for its visitors. Remember to book in advance, consider off-peak rentals, and always inspect your vehicle before driving off. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rentals at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport

What are the benefits of joining an ATL car rental loyalty program?

Joining a car rental loyalty program at ATL can offer numerous advantages. Members often enjoy priority service, access to exclusive deals, and accumulate points with every rental. These points can be redeemed for free rental days, upgrades, or other perks.

Also, loyalty programs often offer members waived fees and special promotions, enhancing the rental experience.

How does the traffic in Atlanta impact car rentals?

Atlanta is known for its bustling traffic, especially during rush hours. When renting a car, it’s essential to factor in potential delays, especially if you have time-sensitive plans. Using navigation apps with real-time traffic updates can help you navigate the city more efficiently.

Moreover, being aware of peak traffic times can assist in planning your journeys better.

Are there any special requirements for international travelers renting a car at ATL?

Yes, international travelers often must present an International Driving Permit (IDP) alongside their valid driver’s license from their home country.

Checking their policies with the specific car rental company in advance is advisable. Additionally, some companies might require a passport or additional identification for verification purposes.

Can I rent electric or hybrid vehicles at ATL?


As sustainability becomes a priority, many car rental companies at ATL have incorporated electric and hybrid vehicles into their fleets. These eco-friendly options not only reduce your carbon footprint but can also save on fuel costs. However, availability might vary, so you should check and book in advance if you prefer such vehicles.

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