What Happens if Turo’s Car Breaks Down? Consequences and Correct Behavior

What Happens if Turo's Car Breaks Down? Consequences and Correct Behavior
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Ever been stuck in the middle of the road with a broken-down Turo rental? Or maybe you’re an owner pondering what happens if a renter experiences a breakdown.

Let’s get this sorted, alright? 

This article is your ultimate guide to understanding what happens if a Turo car breaks down. We’ll walk you through the nitty-gritty, from how to get the car fixed and the role of Turo’s roadside assistance to what happens if the renter is at fault.

So buckle up and prepare for a smooth journey through Turo breakdowns!

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Key Takeaways

  • Turo’s roadside assistance services are available for car breakdowns, offering support and guidance on handling the situation safely and efficiently.
  • In case of a breakdown, prioritize safety, contact Turo’s roadside assistance, report the issue to the car owner, and follow the appropriate steps.
  • The responsibility for breakdown costs varies depending on the situation. 
  • If a car cannot be fixed immediately, the process may involve trip cancellation, and Turo’s cancellation policy will determine potential refunds and implications.

Understanding Turo’s Roadside Assistance Services

Turo has got you covered in an unexpected hiccup on your journey. They provide roadside assistance services that offer peace of mind and practical help when you need it most.

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Turo’s Roadside Assistance Policy

What is it exactly? Well, it’s a 24/7 service available to all Turo guests and hosts during active trips. It’s designed to help if the car breaks down or you encounter problems like a flat tire, lockout, dead battery, or need a tow.

Turo has partnered with top-notch roadside assistance providers to ensure that help is just a phone call away. When things are unplanned, their policy aims to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

It’s crucial to note that Turo’s roadside assistance doesn’t cover everything. If the issue is due to a policy violation, such as off-roading, driving under the influence, or other reckless behavior, the costs incurred will be the renter’s responsibility. This policy reinforces the importance of driving responsibly and caring for the rented vehicle.

Accessing and Using Turo’s Roadside Assistance

How do you access and use Turo’s roadside assistance when needed? Here’s the breakdown:

Contact Turo Roadside Assistance:

First things first, reach out to Turo’s roadside assistance line. Their support team is on standby 24/7 to assist you. You’ll need to provide the details of your situation, so be prepared to explain what’s happened.

Assess the Situation:

Once you’ve got Turo on the line, they will assess the situation. Then, they’ll determine the best course of action based on your provided information. This might mean sending out a tow truck, a locksmith, or another type of assistance.

Wait for Help:

After the assessment, sit tight! Help is on the way. Turo’s roadside assistance partners will arrive as soon as possible to help you.

Follow Up:

Once the immediate situation has been addressed, following up with Turo and the car’s host is important. For example, if the vehicle required towing, discuss where the car was taken and the next steps to get it repaired.

Immediate Steps to Take When a Turo Car Breaks Down

Stay Safe:

The first and most important thing to do is ensure your safety. If possible, maneuver the car off the road, put on your hazard lights, and exit the vehicle if it’s safe.

Call roadside assistance:

Next, reach out to Turo’s roadside assistance. They’re available 24/7 and ready to help. Give them a detailed description of what happened and where you are.

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Document the situation:

Take pictures of the vehicle and the situation. This can be helpful when reporting the issue to Turo and the car owner.

Reporting the issue to the car owner and Turo

Inform the car owner:

As soon as you’re safe and have contacted roadside assistance, let the car owner know what’s happened. They have a right to know and may be able to offer helpful advice or solutions.

Report to Turo:

After informing the owner:

  1. Report the breakdown to Turo.
  2. Use the Turo app or website to submit a detailed report.
  3. Include any photos or other documentation you’ve gathered.

Getting the Car to a Mechanic If It’s Drivable

If the car is still driveable, you may be able to get it to a mechanic yourself. Here’s how to go about it:

Consult with Turo and the owner:

Before taking any action, consult with Turo and the car owner. They may have a preferred mechanic or specific instructions for you to follow.

Drive to the mechanic:

Carefully drive the car to the designated mechanic if given the green light.

Keep everyone updated:

While the car is being repaired, keep the lines of communication open. Update Turo and the car owner on the situation and any new developments.

Responsibility for Breakdown Costs

Dealing with a car breakdown is never fun, and figuring out who will foot the bill can add stress to the situation. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. First, let’s break down (pun intended!) the circumstances under which the renter, car owner, or Turo might need to cough up the cash for repair costs.

When the renter is responsible for costs

Damage due to negligence or misuse:

As a renter, you’re expected to take good care of the car you’ve rented. If the car breaks down because of something you did (or didn’t do), you will likely be held responsible for the costs. This could include driving recklessly, ignoring warning lights, or using the wrong fuel.

Accidents Caused by the Renter:

If you’re at fault in an accident and the car gets damaged, the repair costs will typically fall on your shoulders.

Violation of Turo’s Policies:

Turo has a set of policies that all renters must follow. If you break these rules, such as driving off-road or allowing unauthorized drivers, and the car breaks down, you’ll need to foot the bill.

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When the car owner might need to cover repair costs

Wear and tear:

Cars aren’t immune to the ravages of time. If the car breaks down due to normal wear and tear or a pre-existing issue, it’s usually the car owner’s responsibility to cover the costs.

Mechanical Failures:

Stuff happens. If the car suffers a mechanical failure that’s not the renter’s fault, the car owner may need to cover the repair costs.

When Turo Might Step in to Cover Costs

Protection Plan:

Turo offers different protection plans that, depending on the level chosen by the renter at the time of booking, can cover certain costs. In addition, Turo might step in to handle the costs if a covered incident occurs.

Disputes Between Renters and Owners:

In the event of a dispute between the renter and the car owner about who’s responsible for the costs, Turo may intervene. They’ll investigate the situation, and depending on their findings, they might cover the costs.


We’ve journeyed through the critical aspects of Turo’s car breakdown policy, understanding the roadside assistance services, steps to take when a Turo car breaks down, and responsibility for breakdown costs. 

Remember, breakdowns can happen to anyone and any car – even the most meticulously maintained ones. It’s how we handle these situations that make the difference.

For renters, be aware of your driving habits and respect the vehicle as if it were your own.

For owners, regular maintenance is crucial to prevent issues from arising and keep your car rental ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for a tow if a Turo car breaks down?

The responsibility for towing costs depends on the cause of the breakdown. If the breakdown is due to the renter’s actions (such as driving off-road and causing damage), the renter might be responsible for the towing costs. On the other hand, the owner may have to cover the costs due to the car’s mechanical failure. Turo may also step in to cover costs in certain situations.

What happens if a Turo car breaks down during a trip?

If a Turo car breaks down during a trip, the first step is to ensure everyone’s safety. Then, contact Turo’s roadside assistance for help. 

Am I liable for repairs if a Turo car breaks down?

The renter’s responsibility for repairs depends on the cause of the breakdown. If it’s due to misuse of the car, the renter may be liable for repair costs. However, the owner is typically responsible if the breakdown is due to the car’s mechanical issues.

Can I cancel my Turo trip if the car breaks down?

Yes, if a Turo car breaks down and can’t be fixed quickly, you may be able to cancel your trip. The implications of the cancellation, including potential refunds, depend on Turo’s cancellation policy and the specific circumstances of the breakdown.

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