How Long Does Uber Take To Review Documents?

How Long Does Uber Take To Review Documents?
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Ever felt like you’re waiting forever for Uber to check your documents? You’re not the only one. It’s a common headache for many Uber drivers and delivery partners.

In this article, we will answer the big question: “How long does Uber take to review documents?” We will break down the process and give you the inside scoop on what’s going on behind the scenes. And guess what?

You’ll get to know the following:

  • Uber’s official timeframe for document review.
  • Handy tips for speeding up the process – which means less waiting around.

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber’s document review process generally takes up to 48 hours, but this timeframe can vary based on several factors.
  • The review process for Uber Eats could take longer, possibly up to a week in some instances.
  • Some cases have noted extended review periods, sometimes ten days, although this is not the norm.
  • The status of your document review can be checked on the Uber platform to keep track of the approval process.
  • If the review takes longer than expected, contacting Uber support can help clarify the situation and expedite the process.

Average Review Times for Uber Documents

Regarding document reviews, not all Uber services are created equal. Whether you’re a driver, someone looking to rent a vehicle, or a hungry soul yearning for Uber Eats, the clock ticks differently. So, let’s take a closer look.

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Drivers: The 48-Hour Watch

Starting with the Uber drivers, brace yourselves for a potential 48-hour waiting game. Picture this: you’ve sent in all your documents on a sunny Monday morning and expect approval by Wednesday.

That’s the average time they tell you – about two days. But remember, this isn’t set in stone. On some lucky days, you might get approved quicker. But on other days, it’s a longer wait. 

Rental Vehicle Reviews

For those interested in renting a vehicle through Uber, there’s good news on the horizon. According to the chatter on Reddit, Uber typically takes 20 minutes to a few hours to give the green light for rental vehicle documents. 

The catch? It heavily depends on how swamped Uber is at the time. Just like a busy café on a Monday morning, you might need to wait your turn if there’s a queue. But when it’s your lucky day, the approval might just be a blink away!

Uber Eats Approval

You may consider making extra cash and delivering yummy food to people’s doors. Or perhaps, you’re simply curious. Either way, you must know that Uber Eats plays by different rules.

The word on the street (or, in this case, from a couple of online sources) is that Uber Eats takes a few days to a week to review your documents.

Why? It could be due to the different sets of documents needed for Uber Eats compared to driving or renting a vehicle. Or it could be that Uber just likes to keep us on our toes!

Factors Influencing Review Time

Like a complicated recipe, it’s not just one ingredient but a mix of factors that affect review time. Here’s what you need to know.

Type of Document, Business Hours, Demand

First, the type of document matters. Think about it. Reviewing a driver’s license is different from assessing a rental vehicle contract. They are two different documents with complexities, each requiring a unique approach.

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Then there are business hours to consider. Just like any other business, Uber operates during specific hours.

So, if you submit your documents late at night, it might take until the next business day for the review to start. Remember, Uber’s a global company, so time zones can also play a part.

Finally, the level of demand influences the review time. The more people who submit documents simultaneously, the longer you might have to wait. It’s like being in a queue; the more popular the ride, the longer the wait.

Extended Review Times

But what if the review process takes longer than expected? Sometimes, certain circumstances can cause delays.

If there are issues with the submitted documents or further verification is needed, the review process might take longer than the average time. When you’re in such a situation, try not to stress. Reach out to Uber support; they’re there to help!

Outliers in the Document Review Process

Yes, there are cases where the review process can stretch into weeks or even months, like this one Uber driver who reported a wait time of five long months on a forum. 

But remember, this is an outlier, not the norm. Most document reviews don’t take that long. So, why did this happen? It could be a number of things. Maybe there was an issue with the documents, a backlog at Uber, or just plain bad luck. We can’t say for sure.

How to Check Your Document Status

Uber lets you check how far they’ve gone with checking your documents. All you have to do is sign in to your account and go to the document section.

You’ll see pending if they’re still checking your records.’ Once they’re done, it’ll change to ‘active.’

Making Sure Your Documents Are Good

For your documents to be checked quickly, you must ensure they’re clear and have all the required information. If something is unclear or missing, it could take more time or even be rejected.

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Rejected Document

If Uber rejects your documents, you can still try again. Look at the reason why they rejected your documents and fix it.

Then send them in again for checking. This could be as simple as sending a clearer photo of your driving license or insurance papers.

Checking Documents for Uber Eats Might Be Different

For Uber Eats, checking documents could differ slightly from normal Uber. This is because delivering food might require different things than driving people. So, checking documents for Uber Eats could take more time sometimes.


Navigating the document review process with Uber can seem daunting, especially considering the varying time frames. While the average review period falls within 1 to 5 days, exceptions can occur that extend this duration. 

Factors like the administrative backlog, the surge in applications, and the nature of the Uber service—passenger transportation or food delivery—can influence the waiting time.

Through it all, it’s vital to be proactive: regular status checks and readiness to provide additional details can streamline your experience. Patience and accurate document submission remain crucial in ensuring a smooth and speedy review process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents does Uber require for the review process?

Uber requires various documents, like a valid driver’s license, proof of residency, vehicle registration, and insurance.

Can I drive for Uber while my documents are under review?

No, you cannot start driving until Uber has reviewed and approved all required documents.

What if my documents are taking longer than usual to be reviewed?

If it’s been more than a week, contact Uber support. They can provide more information on the status of your documents.

Can I check the status of my document review?

Yes, you can check the status of your document review in the Uber driver app or the Uber website.

What can cause a delay in the document review process?

Delays can be due to various reasons, such as a high volume of applications, missing or incorrect information in the submitted documents, or issues with document clarity.

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