Explained: Can I Get An Uber And Pay Later?

Explained: Can I Get An Uber And Pay Later?
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Stranded without cash or your card, and you need an Uber ride, but you are wondering, ‘Can I get an Uber and pay later?’

Paying for an Uber ride later is becoming a trend many riders find handy. With flexible payment options on the rise, it’s possible to enjoy a ride now and settle the bill later.

But it’s not as easy as it may sound, which is why this article will uncover the options like Zip and ePayLater that make this possible. We’ll explore:

  • How do these services work with Uber?
  • What do you need to know to use them responsibly?

By the end of this article, you’ll have the know-how to enjoy this convenience. But don’t miss out; understanding how to pay later could save you a headache.

Let’s dive in!

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Key Takeaway

  • Paying for Uber rides later is made possible through services like Zip and ePayLater, each with unique payment structures.
  • Users must follow the specific payment terms and schedules, with potential non-compliance fees.
  • Careful consideration of financial implications, like avoiding a negative balance, is essential for responsible use.
  • Knowledge of these services’ detailed rules and potential risks is vital for a seamless experience.
  • By adhering to the guidelines and understanding the process, riders can enjoy the convenience of paying later without unexpected challenges.

Options for Paying Later

The flexibility to pay for services later has become an attractive feature for many consumers. Regarding Uber, two main options facilitate this convenience: Zip and ePayLater. 

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Zip is a popular choice for those looking to pay for Uber rides in installments. Its integration with Uber allows riders to divide their total fare into four equal parts, payable over six weeks. The process is as follows:

  • Upon booking, choose Zip as the payment method.
  • The total fare is divided into four parts.
  • Payment is made in four equal installments over six weeks.

This service offers a streamlined way to manage your Uber expenses, provided the payments are made on time.

The Schedule for Paying Uber with Zip:

  • Week 1: 1/4 of the total fare.
  • Week 2: The next 1/4.
  • Week 3: The third 1/4.
  • Week 6: The final 1/4.


ePayLater offers another delayed Payment method for Uber rides with a slightly different approach. The ePayLater app can be linked with Uber, allowing riders to use the service as follows:

  • Connect ePayLater to Uber Via the ePayLater app.
  • Ride as Usual: Book and take rides.
  • Receive a Payment Notification: A reminder is sent after each ride.
  • Fulfill Payment Within 14 Days: Payment can be made in full within two weeks without extra charges.

After completing a ride, ePayLater provides a reminder and offers a two-week window for Payment. This can be managed according to individual preferences within the given timeframe.

Important Considerations

While services like Zip and ePayLater open up convenient ways to pay for Uber rides at a later date, it’s essential to know the finer details. While beneficial, these services come with their own rules and potential risks.

Terms and Conditions

Both Zip and ePayLater have specific terms that govern their use:

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Zip Terms 

Payments must be made on the designated schedule; failure may result in extra fees.

ePayLater Terms 

Payment must be fulfilled within 14 days; failure to comply could lead to penalties.

Before using these services, ensure you’ve read and understood these terms, as they can affect your financial obligations.

Avoiding a Negative Balance

An essential warning is to avoid ending up with a negative balance in your payment accounts:

With Zip 

You may incur a fee and face account restrictions if you miss a payment.

With ePayLater 

If you miss the 14-day window, penalties can apply, leading to an unwanted financial burden.

This is not just a fine print issue; it’s a significant consideration that affects how you use these services.

Understanding Implications

Beyond the convenience, understanding the implications of these services is paramount:

Be Responsible 

Only use these payment options if you can meet the payment deadlines.

Consider Your Financial Situation 

Ensure that the installments or delayed payments align with your financial plan.


The options for paying for Uber rides later through services like Zip and ePayLater have made transportation even more accessible. But these modern conveniences are more than just click-and-forget; they require a careful approach. 

By understanding how these services work with Uber, recognizing the terms, and acting responsibly, riders can benefit from a more flexible payment experience without the stress of unforeseen consequences. 

It’s all about balancing enjoying the ride today with being mindful of tomorrow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay for an Uber ride later? How does that work?

You can pay for an Uber ride later using services like Zip and ePayLater. Zip allows you to split the total fare into four installments over six weeks, while ePayLater gives you a 14-day window to pay in full. Both services integrate with Uber to facilitate these options.

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Are there any fees or penalties for missing a Zip or ePayLater payment?

Yes, missing a payment with Zip or ePayLater can result in extra fees or penalties. With Zip, you must adhere to the designated payment schedule, and failure to do so may incur a fee. With ePayLater, failure to pay within 14 days could lead to penalties.

How do I ensure I don’t have a negative balance when using these services?

To avoid a negative balance, it’s vital to strictly follow the payment schedules and ensure that your account has sufficient funds for the payments. With Zip, missing a payment can incur a fee, and with ePayLater, missing the 14-day window can lead to penalties, potentially resulting in a negative balance.

Is it safe to use Zip or ePayLater with Uber?

Using Zip or ePayLater with Uber is considered safe, but it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of these services. Ensuring you comply with the payment deadlines and know of any fees or penalties will help you use these services responsibly and without unexpected financial burdens.

Can I use these pay-later services for other purchases, or is it only for Uber?

While this article focuses on using Zip and ePayLater for Uber rides, both services can often be used for other purchases. Check their respective websites or contact their customer support to understand the full range of services and retailers they might support.

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